5 little things you never knew could ruin your business

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Many entrepreneurs are primarily particular about the big things in their businesses but close their eyes to the little things around them. They bypass the little things because they seem to be insignificant and not worthy of attention. Little things are tiny holes that appear harmless but are lethal when they come together and gradually swallow your business leaving only its shadow afloat. Do not underestimate the power of little things; focus on them too because through them your business can experience tremendous growth or stagnation. Moreover, the big things you desire might manifest from the small things you do, so always decipher a means of checking and balancing all the activities that might prompt business growth. Sometimes it is not the big things that cause entrepreneurs or businesses to fumble or dwindle, often it is the little things they never took cognizant of. Below are the five little things entrepreneurs should not ignore when running their businesses.


Human beings are wired with emotions. Your utterances and actions towards your customers and employees pass a lot of messages that can either make them sad, happy or be wary of you. Being valued and appreciated triggers a sense of satisfaction in human beings and when you truly appreciate your customers, it solidifies their trust in you. Many people are offering similar products and services as you, so, if a customer finds you worthy of patronage, then you need to show gratitude. The little gratitude you show to a customer for purchasing your product can make a huge difference in your business. It can motivate the customer to happily and constantly patronize and recommend you to people. “Thank you” is a short phrase, but two powerful words that can retain customers, so do not fail to use them every time.

Your countenance

When customers think of businesses, they think of people involved in the business. Your countenance is of great importance when attending to your customers. The simple smile you display, the kind words you say, and the friendly gestures you make attracts people to you.  A smile makes people feel important and welcomed. A smile creates a sense of comfort and cages customers’ fears and doubts. Nobody wants to be entangled with hostile people, never unleash your pent up anger on a customer because it might be difficult to remedy the situation. When you genuinely smile at your customers, you spur a friendly ambience.

Bad language and attitude

This is a major part of the 5 little things you never knew could ruin your business. Your language and attitude play a vital role in your business because people are perceived based on their attitudes and utterances.  Always be selective in your choice of words, reason before you voice out anything because what comes out of your mouth cannot be reversed. Sometimes, your products and services might be the best, but your attitude can render them worthless.  Foul language is distasteful to the ear and should never be used in a work environment. Some attitudes customers frown at are:

«  Conversing unnecessarily with your colleague or fiddling your phone while serving a customer.

« Intentionally ignoring customers when they tender their complaints.

«  Belittling customers because of their physical appearances.

« Making an unnecessary comment about a customer’s choice of product.

Your attitude towards your employee matters too. Value them and never treat them with levity.

Over familiarity

Becoming overly familiar with your customers is unhealthy and can threaten the smooth running of your business.  It is good to have a friendly relationship with your customers, but you should set your boundaries. It is outrageous to start addressing your customers with words of endearment, hugging them, or meddling in their affairs, it will first annoy them and later scare them off.  Do not also allow your customers to be overly familiar with you to avoid an unnecessary sense of entitlement or importance. Over familiarity exudes disrespect, a sense of entitlement, contempt, disregard, disdain, so you must strive to keep the friendship bare.

Keeping your workers in the dark

Withholding information from your staff about your business can limit the flow of labour. Your staff should know so well about your company that they can represent you at any time. It would be unprofessional and annoying for your staff to constantly telephone you each time that delicate issues arise. Also, do not misinform your staff. Let what you know tally with theirs for transparency.  It will hurt your business if every piece of information your customers received from your staff contradicts yours.

Finally, little things are very important. It is high time you implement those things you ignored and considered unimportant. Take note of these 5 little things you never knew could ruin your business and avoid them.

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