9 ways to battle procrastination and grow your business

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Procrastination does not have special people it attacks; it attacks everybody, and once it captures you, it can be very difficult to combat it. Sometimes, it always starts with “a little procrastination will not hurt” until it grows, becomes bigger, and overwhelms you. Procrastination might appear harmless, but when you assemble all the times you’ve wasted, you would then realize that it is a silent killer and very destructive. when you habitually practice procrastination, you are at the risk of becoming stagnated, frustrated, depressed, and pained because of your inability to achieve the things you desired in life. Procrastination allows you the pleasure you desire but prevent you from carrying out tasks. Everybody is faced with the temptation of procrastination, but the ability to fight and resist it makes you a champion. As an entrepreneur, you must be wary of procrastination If you want to advance your business.  If you are not always in the right mood to complete a task, then you are giving procrastination a chance in your life.

Figure out why you are procrastinating

Different things make people procrastinate, you need to figure out why you are procrastinating and then tackle it. It’s might be that you don’t have passion for what you are doing or you are easily distracted. If it is a lack of passion for what you are doing, then you need to quit and engage in something you love. If you are stuck with what to don’t like, you will end up being depressed. If you are easily distracted, you need to identify your distractions and block them when you need to work. For social media distractions, there are online tools you can use to temporarily halt notifications until you’ve completed your work. If you are distracted by people or noises, you can use a pair of noise-canceling headphones, it will help you to focus.

Urge yourself to take action

Sometimes it’s really hard to commence something, even when it’s something you love doing. When this happens, You need to deny yourself comfort and force yourself to take action even when you lack the motivation to do so. When you dive in and get started, your mood will improve and you become motivated to complete the task.

Set realistic goals

It pays to set realistic goals. When you set attainable goals you will be motivated to accomplish them, but when you set unrealistic goals you get discouraged and procrastination set in.

Set your priority

It is crucial to set your work priority. When you prioritize the most important work, you won’t waste your energy doing less important work and leaving the important ones to languish. As an entrepreneur, always make sure you tackle every crucial work first before you become tired and start procrastinating.

Divide task into smaller portions

Often, we procrastinate because we feel discouraged by the magnitude of our tasks. But another excellent way of making a big task appealing to carry out is by dividing it into smaller portions. Smaller tasks are not overwhelming, they are easier to carry out, they require less time and minimal energy. It is always necessary to carry out tasks in bits until they’re completed to avoid procrastination when they are piled up.

Envisage your result

Always envisage the result you would receive and how happy and fulfilled you would be when you get your work done, with this, you will be motivated to carry out your work without procrastinating.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Practicing a healthy lifestyle is very important if you want to battle procrastination. It will boost your motivation and energy and enable you to carry out your work judiciously.

Avoid multitasking

Multitasking is one of the aspects that foster procrastination. When you have many unfinished projects you would be confused and discouraged to forge ahead. It also makes you delay enormous and less enjoyable tasks and focus on flimsy ones. The best way to avoid this and be productive is to make a list of all your tasks, allocate time to them, and accomplish them one at a time.

Use productivity app

In this computer age, there are so many apps that can help you beat procrastination and effectively manage your time. There is a to-do list app that allows you to create a list of tasks you plan to execute in a day and then check them off on completion. There are other apps that can help you, choose the one that is more convenient to you and use it to structure your activities.

You can’t battle procrastination by mere proclamation, you need to take action. Procrastination is a psychological issue that can be terminated if you start having the right mindset and also follow the above strategies to solve it.

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