Baking business thrives in Nigeria: Why you should join

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One of the most profitable businesses anyone can go into in Nigeria is the baking business. Baking business thrives in Nigeria because of the numerous events we organize. There is hardly an event without baked products, and the demand for them is high, hence an investment in baking business is a valuable investment.

A student of the department of communication arts, University of Uyo, Ekemini-abasi Emmanuel Umoh is a passionate young lady who has grown to see life from a different aspect and has been able to learn and keep growing. She loves reading, learning new things, travelling, and making new friends.
She ventured into baking business in 2019 because she has a passion for it and it is also very lucrative.
baking business thrives in nigeria

Baked products are consumed by many people, hence, baking business is very lucrative. Ekemini-abasi Umoh avers “I can make money from my business. My business can employ at least 1-2 persons”.

Ekemini-Abasi did not go into the business with specific startup capital. According to her “Sincerely I didn’t have specific capital to start this business. I got money from little orders I had and used the profit in getting the necessary equipment and ingredients”.

The high point of Ekemini-abasi’s business is always at the festive seasons and valentines day when bumper sales are always recorded, Moreover, the business has been profitable. The low point of the business is when there are limited demands of the products.

Ekemini-Abasi has thought about giving up many times, but when she remembers that, a thousand miles begins with a step and that consistency is the key, she braces up and continues.

Ekemini-Abasi Umoh does not work alone, she has people assisting her. She says her business is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Unyime Bassey of Bonero cakes and events, Ruth David of Rutty cakesn’more, Beulah Bassey of house of monads, and Collins Oscar, the CEO of made in Akwa Ibom showroom are Ekemini-abasi’s business mentors.

Baking business thrives in Nigeria, and Ekemini-abasi wants the government to assist her financially so she can grow her business. She also wants investors and policymakers to partner with her by giving her contracts.

Ekemini-abasi advises entrepreneurs who want to venture into her kind of business to be passionate about the business. She says they should be consistent and also pay attention to details. They should encourage themselves and never give up. She encourages entrepreneurs to strive to be the best in their business and not envying others who started the business before them.

Entrepreneurs create much impact on the economy of the state by engaging themselves in profitable businesses and not waiting for the government to employ them. Entrepreneurs also produce things that are needed in the state, instead of buying them outside.

Baking business thrives in Nigeria, it is a very lucrative business to venture into, stop procrastinating, join this profitable business of Ekemini-abasi and thrive.

49 thoughts on “Baking business thrives in Nigeria: Why you should join”

  1. She has excellent customer relations skills to go the the yummy cakes she makes.
    Kiki’s pastries to the world🙌🙌✈

  2. Kemi is a hard worker. She has excellent customer relation skills, takes feedback with an open heart, and is not willing to settle for best. You deserve all of the best. And I love your red velvet cakes😍😍

  3. This was a beautiful read 🙌
    Yes! I can attest to the fact that you are hardworking. You keep learning and looking for ways to grow.
    You also know how to encourage yourself.
    And yes! I love your cakes. Especially red velvet cakes… Lol.
    Your peanuts are also delicious 😋
    Keep it up!!!

  4. I have watched you grow subtly, from Hawking your peanuts and eggrolls etc, how you struggled to get trained with Ruttys. Now you’re still growing and I know the Government will assist you to attend more strides of success.
    Great Grace Babygirl!!!

  5. Kemmy, you are indeed a role model for most young entrepreneurs who are still confused over delving into the baking business. Keep it up and step up your game. Success all the way. 👏


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