How my husband’s disappointment on Valentine’s day birthed my bedding making business

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Glory Akpan is from Etim Ekpo Local government area in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. She is professionally known as Glory Aviva. She is an entrepreneur who holds a National Diploma in Mass Communication from Heritage Polytechnic and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from Akwa Ibom State University(Aksu). She took to entrepreneurship (running small businesses intermittently) at the age of 13 years, upon the demise of her father, who was the family’s sole breadwinner. Since then it’s been proffering solutions to one economic problem or another just to support herself and 3 younger siblings. Glory says she can easily be described as a dexterous, dogged, optimistic, determined, diligent, poised and committed young woman who decided to write her story by herself!

Glory started the business that is presently showcasing her to the world:- ‘Luxury4less Bedding’ about two years ago, around 14th February 2019 upon graduating from the University. Before then, she never imagined herself in the bedding making business or industry but there was an apparent void, a lack that most existing bedding makers left unattended to: the fact that most bedding makers do not care about the ‘finishing’ of their products, that is, investing more time into making their products neat and exquisite. This was brought to her attention by her then friend, who’s now her husband.

On the 14th of February, her husband had bought a pack of bedsheet, ready to spread and create a sparkle in the room (in the spirit Valentine’s of course) but was disappointed when he opened it and saw that it looked shabby with threads hanging out everywhere. The pillow slips were sewn in like manner, with a very terrible chemical odour(formaldehyde) oozing out, thus dissuading him from utilizing what he indeed bought at a price above par. This disappointment birthed the Luxury4less Bedding brand, which is poised to constantly deliver neatly sewn, washed, treated and ironed bedding that meets world-class standards, at very affordable prices to individuals, homes, hotels, hospitals and boarding schools.

The bedding making business is perhaps one of the most lucrative businesses there is if one is diligent, creative and committed to it. This is so because sleep is a NECESSARY human phenomenon, without which the human race in its entirety would be in extinction, and since no human can survive long stretches of sleeplessness and bedding aids comfortable rest/sleep, therefore, almost every individual, home, hotel, resorts, hospitals and boarding schools, need these products to make living much easier, thus, the apparent economic potentials for bedding makers is a no-brainer as millions can be generated through it per annum.

Glory started her business with N15,000.

She has recorded many points and successes, according to her. “Luxury4less Bedding has not only put food on mine’s and many other’s tables, but it has availed us the opportunity to build and expand both our economies of scope and scale. We have witnessed an exponential growth in customer base within the last few months, singlehandedly acquired some machinery through plough-back profits, and this has helped us stay on track with our sole goal of making quality bedding at very affordable prices.

The outbreak of COVID19 was one of the lowest moments that we experienced as a business. We recorded little or no sales throughout lock-down and could barely stand”. She states.

As an individual, she has been much of an optimist and she extrapolates this strength into every sphere of her life, business included. So, she never thinks about giving up in the face of challenges but instead, Glory says she thinks of new or alternative ways through which she can tackle challenges.

Glory is the lead seamstress at Luxury4Less Bedding and she has other people working together to achieve a common goal.

She points out Folorunsho Alakija and Tera Fela-Durotoye as her business mentors.

Glory seeks engagements with policymakers and investors to assist young entrepreneurs by making the process of loan acquisition seamless and flexible, ensuring the availability of necessary infrastructure, creating an enabling environment for business to thrive by way of cutting down on tariffs, etc, and organising business trainings, seminar and grants to SMEs.

To entrepreneurs and intending entrepreneurs, Glory advises, “I would advise any other entrepreneur or anyone who wants to venture into my line of business to first, take cognizance of the environment, by carrying out a proper market research/survey to know the particular problem that you are passionate about proffering solutions to. Don’t venture blindly into any business that you’ve not researched about because you’ve seen or perceived that others are making money doing it. Second, I would advise that you just take action. Start with what you have and put in your best into making it grow over time. Remember not to fall a victim to the cravings of ‘overnight success’, because it takes time to succeed. Be diligent, creative, enthusiastic and above all, patient”.

Entrepreneurs can impact the economy by ensuring the availability of locally made commodities which will invariably lead to the growth of our GDP, reduced rate of unemployment and reduced crime rate.

Glory sums up her mantra in these words, “If you can conceive it, you can be it. This means that we are the manifestation of our thoughts and so we have to be careful of the thoughts we conceive and nurse”.

Let this story of Glory Akpan motivate you to start your bedding making business today.

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