4 latest business grants for women entrepreneurs

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Balancing the gender status quo through entrepreneurship 

While it might seem like men are more financially buoyant than women, the fact remains that wealth is not entrusted to a particular gender but wealth is allocated to anyone who would work hard enough to earn it.

One can’t help but think that if women were given the equal opportunities that were given to men since the 1900s, women would be on the same financial ladder as most successful men.

In the absence of derogatory gender roles and bigotry norms such as restriction of the female child from formal education, limitation to specific trade/profession, and early marriage, most women have doggedly risen above the trap of dependency and financial stagnation through entrepreneurship.

Irrespective of the erratic risk aversion mindset that has beclouded female entrepreneurs, one of the factors mitigating against the success of female entrepreneurs is lack of access to business funds. There seems to be a drought of business grants for women to scale their businesses.

But funds are the fuel of any business either big or small. In a rapidly changing and innovating economy, having ideas and solutions to problems without resources is like pouring water on a rock. Female entrepreneurs are readily breaking ground, bursting free from the aversion mindset, thinking, and aiming higher. Nevertheless, equivalent resources should be made available for them to attain their visions and goals.

Even as we keep celebrating our female entrepreneurs, below are business grants for women and opportunities that female entrepreneurs can maximize for business success and growth:

Feminist Review Trust Grant Program 

The feminist review trust grant program gives out grants to females. Their agenda is to support projects that can lead to the modification and transformation of the lives of females. This program gives out an award of UK £15,000 to eligible individuals.

Deadline: 30-Apr-21

Fate Foundation: ScaleUp Agribusiness Accelerator Programme

This program is aimed at supporting outstanding Nigerian agribusiness entrepreneurs who are looking for means to scale up their business and expand their market audience hence providing them with potential investors and strategic partners.

Deadline: 21-Mar-21

The Amber Grants

The amber grant gives businesses owned by women monthly grants of $10,000. This program requires votes from social media platforms. At the end of the year, a $10,000 amber grant is given to 12 lucky winners.

Deadline: 31-Mar-21

D-Prize Entrepreneur Grants

The D-prize organization implores entrepreneurs to come up with a new and already existing idea that can bring solutions to girl’s education, energy, agriculture, and government. The selected participant is rewarded with a prize of USD 20,000.

Deadline: Spring 2021

Are you a female entrepreneur reading this, take advantage of these opportunities and scale your business to its zenith!

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