Cash out with Footwear designing and production!

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There’s a buzz about footwears in the fashion world. Fashionistas are turning up in nicely designed footwear brands, from cover shoes to high heels to Sandals to Sneakers etc, people just can’t get enough of shoes! This shows how vibrant the footwear industry is and how profitable footwear designing and production can be.

James Akpakpan is from Ikono local government area in Akwa Ibom State. He holds a degree in Communication Arts and is a footwear designer. He runs Feeted Empire, a footwear brand. He is passionate about footwear designing and production and ventured into the business in 2017.

There are huge economic potentials in the footwear business. One can make money from this business if there is the availability of materials for enough production.

footwear designing and production

The starting capital for James was N50,000. His high points in the business are being able to satisfy his clients and getting referrals from customers. The low point has been not having enough material for production. But giving up in the face of challenges has not been an option for James, he says he has come too far to give up.

Feeted Empire is a registered company. The brand deals on footwear designing and production. James is the CEO, working with three apprentices. his business mentor is James Effiong, a top grade designer.

The Feeted Empire boss wants assistance from government and investors by way of financial grants to support the business. He wants to get a showroom to display products for sales.

“Don’t give up. Keep up” is the advice from James to anyone who wants to venture into footwear designing and production.

Entrepreneurs create employment in society and meet needs. You can go into the footwear business like James, and add value to the shoe needs of the society and make money from it!

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