Content creation and comedy: It is the passion that counts!

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Content creation and comedy is very popular these days. Christopher Amos is a passionate content creator/comedian based in Uyo. He had a passion for acting from his early years but decided to venture into in it fully in December 2020. He believes that with hard work he will reach great heights in his career.

Content creation is a viable business. Top content creators get paid millions of Naira to create contents for brands and organizations. The popular skit comedians on Instagram for instance are proofs of the profitability of the business. As a content Creator can help create awareness for businesses which will help boost sales of the business products. Content creation is profitable.
content creation

Christopher says he started his business with N35,000. His highest point has been having over 171 people view his video on youtube.
A major challenge that he has been faced with is the inability to acquire a good camera to use in recording of his videos but he, however, believes that with time he will be able to get a quality camera. Quitting is not an option for Christopher, he keeps pushing on and believing in himself.

Christopher Amos operates his business as a sole proprietor, he runs and manages everything. His business is currently not registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission.
Content creation
He currently has two mentors who are Mc Lively and Ime Bishop A.k.a Okon Lagos.
Christopher wants investors to assist him by providing a quality camera and a laptop computer, which would help him in becoming a great content creator.

The young content creator advises other entrepreneurs and people who want to venture into content creation to be creative and have self-confidence. He thinks that entrepreneurial activities will go a long way in helping take the young people off the streets and make them focused on productive ventures.
Christopher strongly believes that Content Creating is important to him as it will help make money from it.

Content creation is one of the modern-day skills that people are harnessing in making a living for themselves. You can determine today to become a content creator and partake in this all-important sector.

35 thoughts on “Content creation and comedy: It is the passion that counts!”

  1. Christopher A.k.a Christography is a hardworking and an industrious guy that has vision as a content writer. He’s my friend and have been with me. He is up and doing and committed to his work as a content writer. So please just like he said he has so many challenges so please if you are able to help me scale through this vision you can assist him get most of those stuffs he needs in other to work very well. Thanks and more Grace to Chris.

  2. Chris is just a hard working guy…always ready to stand out and equally very funny too
    I just know he will Stand out in his comedy career please I really support his hustle.I pray he wins this money and get the Camera he always wanted…Please This guy deserves this
    One love bro💙

  3. Keep doing what you do and the sky will be your starting point. I love seeing young Entrepreneurs like you with outstanding mindset and I like supporting them the best way I can. your content keep getting better as the day goes by. Never give up, I gotcha!

  4. Chris is very industrious and hard working guy, he is always ready to key into any opportunity at is feet. Best of luck sweetest 😘

  5. I see a determine, creative young man who’s trying to create something beautiful for himself and I can’t help but admire that. Big ups 👍🏽

  6. Never seen anyone so focused even without a good phone and a laptop he still pushes relentlessly….I pray u meet ur destiny helper amen….

  7. Topher, like I always call him has always been someone that strives harder to be the best in whatever he does when given the opportunity and the “right tools” and “support”.
    Please help make his dream come true and you’ll be happy you did. Thank you.

  8. I know Chris as a determined person…..I always hope things would work out for him cos he’s such a nice person….
    Buh he doesn’t take shit tho

  9. A passionate youngster who never gives up
    His adage ” Na who give up na him fuck up”
    I sorely join my hands with the host of heavens to support you


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