How I started crochet business from home with low funds

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If you are looking for a home-based profitable business you can venture into with a low startup capital, then this crochet business of Glory Emmanuel Aka Gy Emma is for you.
Gy Emma is a 22-year-old undergraduate from Itu Local government area in Akwa Ibom state. She is an entrepreneur whose interest is in handicraft.

Gy Emma ventured into crochet business because she needed a business she could do from home and thereafter relocate to a larger space as the business grows. She started the crochet business in February 2020.
crotchet business

The Economic importance of Crochet cannot be underrated. According to Glory, “crochet fashion is indeed a modern phenomenon and adaptation to fashion shows. Research shows that the trending fashion of crocheting around the state can open the new promising future of knitting industries in Akwa Ibom state, particularly using the craftsmanship of locals”. Crochet business is a very profitable business to invest in.

Crochet business, being a very profitable business requires less startup capital, hence Gy Emma started her home-based business with N20,000.

The success recorded in the business so far is the ability to crochet different sizes to fit . However, the low point of the business is the inability to reach out to more potential customers.

Although the thought of giving up has popped up many times when facing challenges, Glory has seen more reasons beyond the challenges to keep pressing on.

The business has not yet expanded to the point of engaging workers, hence, she makes all the crochet wears by herself. She avers “ I’m looking forward to teaching more people so I can have workers to help”. Glory presents Edie Eckman as her business mentor.

Crochet business is a profitable business and Glory looks forward to engaging with policymakers and investors to scale her business so she can grow her business and also organize business classes for the young entrepreneurs in the state.

Consistency is always the key sustainer of every business, hence, Glory Emmanuel advises entrepreneurs to be consistent, in her words “because handmade stuff is time-consuming, so its value is high and ‘valuable’. My advice to people who want to venture into crochet business is that you should be in love with your hooks and yarns, and remember to carry consistency with you because crocheting is a jealous craft, it requires maximum attention”.

Entrepreneurs are wealth creators, and they play vital roles in the economic development of the state. According to Glory, “Akwa Ibom youths being successful in business translates to the economic wellbeing of Akwa Ibom through job creation and improved quality of life”.

Crochet wears are fast running to the forefront of fashion. Crochet is the new beauty. Do not relent, Let this story of Glory Emmanuel aka Gy Emma inspire you to join the highly profitable business and soar.

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