Cucumber Farming: How Aniefon Asuquo is exploring Agriculture in Akwa Ibom State

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Cucumber farming is an agribusiness venture that brings profits. Aniefon Asuquo is a young lady who has not shied away from getting her hands dirty with farm work in an era where many young people are obsessed with white-collar jobs. Aniefon is an indigene of Ikot Anwana Asanga Usung in Ukpom clan, Ikono Local government area of Akwa Ibom State, she is a graduate of Health Education from the University of Uyo.

Cucumber Farming

Aniefon is a passionate cucumber farmer. According to her, she loves eating fresh cucumbers so when the idea of farming came to her, cultivating cucumber was on her mind. So she ventured into Cucumber farming with the intention of planting purely organic cucumbers. She shared the idea with a friend who was also passionate about cucumber farming and they decided to partner together to start a cucumber farm. Since then she has been planting cucumbers.


Cucumber is widely consumed all over the world due to its health benefits. This global vegetable is wonderful in the fight against cancer, treatment for diabetes, skin irritations, bad breath and can be used to rehydrate the body and regain one’s self from dryness. It is rich in Vitamin A, B1, B6 and D. If you want to make money from farming, then cucumber farming is worth considering.

Aniefon says her highpoint as a cucumber farmer has been being able to expand on a larger scale than when she first started. For her, it is the passion for farming that drives her and makes her seek for ways to improve and get the work done.

She started with a capital of N50,000 for investment in the business and has made profits far above the capital.

Aniefon doesn’t do all the work herself because cucumber production is quite laborious hence she engages people to work with her on the farm. She wants the government to help out with the provision of viable seeds at subsidized prices. She also calls for assistance in the area of provision of irrigation system for dry season farming.

Aniefon advises anyone venturing into cucumber farming to be mindful of the fact that cucumber production is a lucrative business with a ready market for it, and also such persons should get connected with other cucumber farmers to build synergy and have a support system. She admonishes them to get the right knowledge and guidance to succeed.

For prospective agripreneurs in Akwa Ibom, cultivating cucumbers and other crops that people travel up North to buy will help reduce the prices of these farm produce and boost the economy of the state.

So let the story of Aniefon motivate you to venture into Cucumber Farming today

115 thoughts on “Cucumber Farming: How Aniefon Asuquo is exploring Agriculture in Akwa Ibom State”

  1. Wow this article is well incripted,
    @ Aniefon pls drop ur contact let’s talk on training am interested in setting up a cucumber farm
    You can reach me 07065939496

  2. An outstandingly intelligent and hardworking young lady who has become a role model to the young,and an inspiration to the advanced.

  3. A really cool venture. Seeing how resilient you are, there’s no doubt that you are already at the top of your game with this one…
    Kudos dear

  4. She’s the most Hardworking Super Woman there ever is and she’s very industrious to the core. This doesn’t come as a surprise, she’s destined for greatness and this Cucumber farming is just a percentage fraction of the various Agricultural exploits she’s capable of. Ride on Annie, dem no know say you just dey start 😉

  5. Aniefon Essien is the best Cucumber farmer and Fresh Ready Veggies I’ve ever met.
    May God bless the works of your hands @Aniefon.
    Better days ahead.

  6. Go girl!!!. This is wonderful…. I admire your good works. Aniefon is one of the most industrious ladies I know.
    I can testify that she produces the best quality of cucumbers compared to those in the market such that I’ve had to buy from her and resell to my customers.
    I pray her efforts is supported by the government.
    God bless your hand work, dear

  7. The quest to become viable citizens of our nation is reply embedded in very few youths.

    Aniefon is one of such. Having acquainted with her entrepreneurial drive- even her exploits into the food processing and packaging industry; I can authoritatively veto that she has the zeal that can zoom her into the Agripreneurial potentials of the future.

    Ride on, girl

  8. Ufan, I love the kind of woman you are. So intelligent, industrious and handworking. Keep soaring. You’re the best in all your endeavors.

  9. Weldone dear. Your cucumber are always big and fresh. This is medicine in fruits. I pray you receive the help and support you need.

  10. It’s nothing but the truth that agriculture remain one of the mainstream resources for economy betterment of any nation wether in commercial value or family use.
    This is a true reflection as seen in Aniefon’s effort in supporting the state economy and the Nation at large.
    Great Farmer indeed.

  11. Aniefon is down to earth. I see a great deal of commitment in the things she does. I have seen her cucumber harvest before. They were plumpy and mouth watering.

  12. It’s not uncommon these days to see graduates with various degrees loitering the street in search for White Collar jobs, negating the quest of venturing into farming.

    Reading through the article, and seeing a female graduate like Aniefon taking farming as a source of living worths every ounce of applause. Cucumber farming is for the future, considering the nutritional value of the vegetables, and health benefits, Aniefon is on the paths of saving lives. High blood pressure and diabetes can be controlled and managed, with frequent consumption of cucumber. It even helps keeps reproductive tracts fertile.

    I can’t regret taking my time to go through the article. Aniefon really needs supports and encouragement from both the government and other corporate bodies.

  13. As far as Cucumber production is concern, I give it to Aniefon.
    She’s dedicated and passionate.
    Keep the spirit alive and the sky will be your take off.
    Abasi odiong Akwa Ibom.

  14. Wow, this is inspiring.
    AniefonnteAbasi you one in a million. Am really inspiredto start my own cucumber farming.
    God bless your hand work.

  15. Aniefon is an entrepreneur per excellence. Her cucumber farm is quite enormous.. I have tasted the produce and it’s quite good and different from others I’ve ever tasted. More encouragement to her.

  16. I knew when this idea started, I’m glad it has become a reality. More power to your elbow. Congrats dear. You are the winner jare.


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