#EntrepreneurProfile – Elisha Jay Elisha (Jays Coutour)

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Name: Elisha Jay Elisha

Email Address: jayscouture01@gmail.com

Location: No 150 Ikpa road, Uyo

Phone Number: 08163822992

Tell us about yourself:

I am a fashion entrepreneur and also a creative designer

Why/when did you venture into your line of business?

Because of a gap, we saw in the creative industry. We started off in 2018

What are the economic potentials of your business?

Economically we could equip more young creative minds and absorb them into the fashion industry.

What has been your high point/successes recorded so far?

We have grown and expanded our wings outside the shores of Nigeria.

What are your low points?

Mostly the fashion business is seasonal because people get to buy cloths occasionally

Have you ever thought about giving up in the face of your challenges?

No, I haven’t because we tend to see opportunities in challenges

Tell us about the structure of your business. Do you do the work yourself? Do you engage people to work for you?

I mostly do creative work and designs, I engage the services of some designers.

Is your business registered with Corporate Affairs Commission?

Yes, we are registered with the CAC.

What is your advice to other entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to venture into your business line?

Don’t do it because you feel you will make money, do it because you see a need. And of course, your passion comes into play.

What impact can entrepreneurs have on the economy of your state?

Entrepreneurship is the new gold mine, so if properly harnessed and managed, the government wouldn’t have to depend so much on other sources of income.

Area of focus:

Fashion Design

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