Entrepreneur First Class by William Anwana

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Would you like to be a first class entrepreneur?

Would you like to start, grow and scale your business?

What if all the knowledge you needed to start a successful business was available in one single, easy-to-read book that entertained and informed?

As our world gradually begins to recover from the havoc of the deadliest disease we have ever seen and adapt to a ‘new normal’, we all have questions that need answering. The most critical question focuses on that most basic of human needs.


In the wake of pay cuts and job losses, economic uncertainty, and financial doubt, how do you survive the new and harsh reality? How do you care and provide for your family and put food on the table? The best answer is to start and grow your own business.

But if we have learned anything about new businesses, it is that most fade out after a year or two…10 if they are fortunate. All entrepreneurs have an idea. A vision. Courage. But most do not have the fourth and most critical ingredient to becoming a lasting success: knowledge.

William Anwana’s Entrepreneur: First Class is the guide you need to navigate you through the uncertain territory of starting and maintaining a successful business. Easy to read, down to earth, practical, funny, and insightful,
entrepreneur first class
The book enables you to:

Understand the right way to create value for your business.
Acquire the essentials of finance and accounting in simple steps and speak the language of business comfortably.
Quickly ascertain how long it will take your business to breakeven and how to gauge the impact of competition on your numbers.
Create and structure a winning, well-executed business plan and know how and when to use pitch decks.
Understand different types of business entities and how business registration and structure can protect you and your business.
Learn the various ways of raising funding.
Understand how to develop a strong and lasting brand and the importance of creativity and innovation,
Whether you’re thinking about starting your own business or need to rebound from your last attempt, this is the book for you! What you need are the principles and essentials; the right knowledge and guidance that will help you start your business on proper footing and maximize your chances of success.

70% of business fail by their 10 year…but Entrepreneur: First Class will help you circumvent this scary scenario.

Become a winner…not a statistic.

What are you waiting for…?

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