#EntrepreneurProfile – Abubakar Musa

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Abubakar Musa Dayis is a rice farmer.

He ventured into his business in April 2014.

Abubakar started his business with the sum of N1,000000 and presently, his business has grown and expanded to other states in Nigeria. Moreover, through the business, he has been able to build his house.

Abubakar does not work alone, he has people working for him. His company has a manager, secretary, financial secretary, treasurer, legal adviser, and cleaners.

Agrigators is Abubakar’s mentor in business.

Abubakar wants investors to assist him with grants to expand his business.

He advises those who want to venture into his line of business to emulate how he started rice farming with one hectare of land and expanded to five hectares.

Phone number: 08138532407

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