#EntrepreneurProfile – Grace Mfon Ekperikpe

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Name: Grace Mfon Ekperikpe

Email Address: gracyenoh@gmail.com

Phone Number: 07030899390

Tell us about yourself:

I am a Graphics designer/3D Animator, whose passion for fashion led me to make my own clothes and create designs. I am currently equipping myself to use animations to bring life into fashion illustration and bring to reality imaginations in fashion designers’ minds. My goal is to create NFTS using Blender/Maya applications by the end of the second quarter of 2022.

Why/when did you venture into your line of business?


What are the economic potentials of your business?

It encourages entrepreneurship, and economic development.

What has been your high point/successes recorded so far?

Innovation and infusion of creativity in my designs leading to improved output.

What are your low points?

Training/knowledge and lack of skills to bring to reality my creative concept and ideas.

Have you ever thought about giving up in the face of your challenges?


Tell us about the structure of your business. Do you do the work yourself? Do you engage people to work for you?

I make my own clothes; illustrate my designs on paper and am currently on a business plan to set up fashion outlets that will engage at least 10 persons

Is your business registered with Corporate Affairs Commission?

Yes, our business is registered with Corporate Affairs Commission

What is your advice to other entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to venture into your business line?

Learn, Unlearn and Relearn. Attend workshops and seminars to improve your skills and scale up your business by networking.

 What impact can entrepreneurs have on the economy of your state? 

Entrepreneurs stimulate the economy of Akwa Ibom state by creating employment opportunities, and export of raw materials and finished products.

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