#EntrepreneurProfile – Mmenyene Titus

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Name: Mmenyene Titus. 

Type of business: Baking. At Yearn n Taste, we bake delicious cakes for weddings, birthdays etc, pastries, and confectioneries.

Position: Creative director, Yearn n Taste

Year of venture into business: 2020

Starting capital: Fifty thousand naira. 

High points: I have baked tasty wedding cakes and I’ve served a large number of guests.

Low points: Not being able to market and sell my products

Business registration status: Not yet registered

Business Mentor: Mrs Ann Willie Udosen (Annytasty)

Proposed Engagement with Policymakers and Investors: They can assist me by helping me with funds to buy working tools for more efficient delivery of my jobs.

Advice to entrepreneurs: Be committed to what you do and do all it takes to see your brand stand out, It’ll surely pay.

View on Impact of entrepreneurs on the economy of the state: Well as an existing entrepreneur, I can train others in my line of business and that is helping my brothers/sisters in the state.

Phone number: 07062849236

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