#EntrepreneurProfile – Ukpabio Saviour (Comedian, Mc, Rapper)

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Name:  Ukpabio Saviour

Email Address: saviourukpaski@yahoo.com

Location: 14, Akwa-Efak street, Uyo, Akwa-Ibom

Phone Number: 08162468387

Tell us about yourself:

I’m a professional Comedian and MC. Apart from this, I teach the English language and Literature, Rap, and write all the genres of Literature.

Why/when did you venture into your line of business?

I ventured into this line of business because I love to communicate to people and teach people about decent ideas while correcting negative ideas. This is why performances are always educating.

What are the economic potentials of your business?

My business can create job opportunities and it’s healthy for the body

What has been your high point/successes recorded so far?

Last year. Performed at some the biggest platforms and made the most amount of money in a year.

What are your low points?

Inability to speak some native language fluently and poor knowledge about some aspects of entrepreneurship.

Have you ever thought about giving up in the face of your challenges?


Tell us about the structure of your business. Do you do the work yourself? Do you engage people to work for you?

I am still trying to form a team

Is your business registered with Corporate Affairs Commission?

I am yet to be registered with CAC

What is your advice to other entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to venture into your business line?

Be original and find a purpose for doing it.

 What impact can entrepreneurs have on the economy of your state? 

Entrepreneurs can boost the economy of my state

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