Fashion accessories creativity: The story of Elizabeth Idor

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Fashion is vast and all-encompassing, looking good is still good business. Aside from clothing, you need good accessories to complement your outfits. This is where the fashion accessories business comes in.

Elizabeth Idor is from Abi L.G.A in Cross River State, an undergraduate of the Cross River State University of Science and Technology, she is studying Visual Art and Technology. She is a creative artist, a certified tailor and an award-winning accessory designer.

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Elizabeth runs a business called Kamiz Piece. Kamiz Piece is a fashion brand that designs made-by-order and ready-to-wear silhouette and accessories using fabrics, beads and custom materials.

She ventured into the fashion accessories business in January 2020, according to her, “Every individual is a direct customer of fashion because everyone desires to look good and feel good. With my high level of creativity, my stylish nature and my love for art, I ventured into the fashion business of designing beautiful beaded/ankara accessories and creating silhouettes in January 2020. I saw an opportunity to uniquely express my creativity, earn an income, help my clients express their personalities with the right accessories and sense of style and in turn get paid for my service.”

She saw an opportunity to earn an income by helping people boost their confidence level and self-esteem and create job opportunities for other young people.

You can make money from the fashion accessories business. Elizabeth states that once you have a niche and focus on your target audience, you can make as much money as you invest.

Elizabeth says her high points are when she has the materials and manpower needed for a particular creation. On the other hand, her low points are moments when her clients want some designs and the materials are not available. This does two things: cuts the expectations of her clients and affects her income.

She accepts that there are times she had thought of giving up but she always remind herself about why she started and where she is going to. In such times she read books, reach out to her mentors and talk to her colleagues.

Kamiz Piece is an SME business and so Elizabeth does all the work herself because she can handle the orders coming in. But when there’s a lot of work to be done, she hires people to work per hour and pay them accordingly.

Elizabeth says her business mentors are Tolulope Gbemiga and  James Afu.

There are many challenges in running an SME business. Kamiz Piece currently gets materials in retail/consumer quantity cause of low funds, due to this Elizabeth haven’t created a complete full collection of ready-to-wear accessories. She wants assistance from the government and investors by providing funding to the business.

According to her, the funds would:

  • Help me get materials in large/wholesale quantity from Aba/Lagos Market.
  • Work on my business branding/ packaging as this would help boost sales and customer satisfaction.
  • Start a ready-to-wear collection

To those aspiring to go into the fashion accessories business, Elizabeth admonishes you that determination sets you apart and takes you to the top, and there’s no limit to what you can do once you decide to take a step and make a move.

The fashion industry is wide, all you need to do is to find a niche and concentrate on that market and you’ll excel abundantly.

13 thoughts on “Fashion accessories creativity: The story of Elizabeth Idor”

  1. Elizabeth never stops to amaze me with the uniqueness of her craft.
    She has passion for her craft that explains why it’s always neatly and carefully done. Keep pushing.

  2. Wow beautiful, keep it up I’m coming from the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 to support you love. I’m so glad to see you doing this.

  3. Elizabeth Idor is one of the most deliberate creative designer I know, her piece has a way of boosting your confidence level. Keep being more girl!!!

    • Wow beautiful, keep it up I’m coming from the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 to support you love. I’m so glad to see you doing this.


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