This is why I love fashion designing

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My name is Patience Wilfred Essie, I am into fashion designing. I sew and design female clothes. During my academic year as an undergraduate, I could barely pay my school fees and I needed to make ends meet so instead of begging for financial help from people I decided to get a job

After a few years of working, I was able to save up some amount and this helped me to register for a fashion school and afterwards buy a sewing machine. In the year 2012, I became a professional seamstress.

In my few years as a fashion designer, I have come to discover the lucrative possibilities in the fashion industry, especially female fashion. Each year an avalanche of design is created and females would always dress with the trend hence there is a 100 and 1% chance to make enough money if you are good at what you do.

Clothing is one of the basic needs of man, hence there will always be high demand for clothes, both male and female. I am glad that through my business I have moved from grass to grace. Indeed now I have an office, apprentices who are learning from me, and frequent clients. Regardless, I have experienced some low points In my business too, sometimes patronage can be poor coupled with limited capital for sewing materials.

I will be honoured if investors can support entrepreneurs by making funds easily accessible. My advice to entrepreneurs is to be patient, creative, and expose themselves to environments where they can learn, unlearn, and relearn. Nobody might have reached that height yet but don’t give up.

You can venture into fashion designing today.

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