Four reasons why you are losing your customers and how to fix it

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Customers are the strength of every business as businesses cannot thrive without patronage. Losing customers is very frustrating and can lead to business failure. The goal of every business is to enlarge and acquire more customers, but as you go about combing the world for new customers, know that existing customers are the greatest asset of any business. They are an integral part of your business and it is important to establish a good relationship with them to earn their trust. The mistake most entrepreneurs make in their businesses is their nonchalant attitude towards their existing customers, they treat them with levity believing that other customers will come. What they do not know is that acquiring new customers is more difficult than retaining the existing ones. As an entrepreneur, you should try to maintain your existing customers while searching for new ones. Here are the four main reasons why you are losing your customers and how to fix them.

Your customer service sucks

Customers are human beings and they are very emotional. How you treat your customers will determine the success of your business.  Sometimes, dissatisfied customers do not express their grievances but rather go away and never return. You have to pay keen attention to your customers, treat them with respect and empathy, know what interests them, and also know how they feel about your products or services. Neglecting your customers is neglecting your business growth, so strive to maintain a healthy relationship with them to gain their trust. Furthermore, reform your customers’ service strategies to know what actions led to your customers’ dissatisfaction and dispersion.

Your products or services are substandard

Offering substandard products and services can cost you your customers, as nobody wants to waste money. Sometimes, these angry and dissatisfied customers do not just stop patronizing you, they share their disappointment with their friends and chase away prospective customers. To retain your existing customers and attract new ones, you have to build and design quality products and services; create and offer products and services that are worth paying for. In business,  do not try to cut corners, be straightforward and see what wonders it will work for you.

Your business is not consistent

It is important to be consistent in your business because consistency builds trust. Being inconsistent in your business questions your competency and you are likely going to lose your customers because inconsistency creates confusion.  When you are consistent in your business, you create awareness, people get to know you and what you represent. To retrieve your customers you have to be consistent in all areas of your business–Your products or services quality, your story, your branding, etc. Everything about you has to be uniform with no variation for clarity’s sake.

Your marketing strategies  are poor

As an entrepreneur, if you don’t know how to entice your audience with your product or services, then you would lose your customers to your competitors who employ the right marketing strategies. Always know your unique selling proportion,  how is your product more valuable and worth buying than others. Be very creative when it comes to marketing; take time to learn what your customers need, and work towards addressing their needs. You should desist from manipulating or coercing your customers to buy. Adopt a working marketing strategy that will stand you out and never use aggressive sale techniques, it will scare your prospective customers away.

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