Why you should join the hospitality business immediately

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The hospitality industry is so broad that those who are seeking hospitality vocations have a substantial number of diverse job roles to choose from. Sectors within the hospitality industry include accommodation, food and drinks, travel and tourism.  Nevertheless, the hospitality industry is concerned with services related to leisure and customer satisfaction. However, the Hospitality business cannot dwindle as people continue to tour and explore the world.

Ajogu Chigozie OMENALA is a 33-year-old entrepreneur and the principal partner of Omenala Global Concept, a company that offers training, management, and consultancy for business development with a core interest in hospitality and event planning.

Chigozie ventured into the hospitality business because of his interest in food. Notwithstanding, his involvement in bar and restaurant activities, coupled with his degrees in Home economics and Hospitality Management offered him a wide range of experience which made him venture into his business two years ago.

The hospitality industry is not just important to businesses, but also customers, employees and the economy of a country. Moreover, the business is very profitable; although one might encounter challenges at the initial stage. However, Chigozie started his business with a considerable amount of N100,000.

The high point recorded so far is the ability to grow the business, the increase in customer base and enormous turnover. However, every industry is competitive, and the hospitality industry is not an exception, hence, Unhealthy competition, and ridiculous pricing are the low points of the business.

Challenges come not to scare, but to consolidate. In the heat of challenges, Chigozie has never thought of giving up, but become more zealous by drawing his SWOT analysis.

The hospitality business is dynamic, you can start up alone and later engage people as the growth heightens. Omenala Global Concepts is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Chigozie’s mom and grand-mom are his mentors in business.

Hospitality business needs funding, partnership and patronage, therefore, Chigozie wants investors to offer him a soft loan with reasonable interest and payback plans to boost his business

Chigozie advises entrepreneurs who have an interest in his line of business to first learn the rudiments of the business before venturing into it.

Entrepreneurs are nation builders, they reduce the alarming rate of unemployment by setting up more SMEs to engage job seekers. They also help in adding to the Internally Generated Revenue through tax payment.

There are diverse job roles to choose from in the hospitality industry, do not relent, venture into one and thrive.

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