How I earn a living producing perfumes for the masses

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Perfumes! We all love them, they come in different fragrances and scents, making us scent good, adding to our confidence and charm. The word Perfume is derived from a Latin word which means “to smoke through”. Perfumery, the art of making perfume began in ancient Egypt and ancient China. If you love perfumes and want to start up a perfume business venture, then this article is just for you.

Mfonobong Pius Umouman is an indigene of Ikot Ayan Ediene in Ikono L.G.A. of Akwa Ibom State. She is a graduate of Biology Education from the University of Uyo. Mfonobong is a growing entrepreneur, the founder of Pearls Colony, a brand that deals in the production and sales of toiletries and body care products such as perfumes, powder, detergents etc.


Mfonobong began her entrepreneurship journey during her undergraduate days in the university in 2016, producing paper bags to solve a problem that needed an immediate solution. In September 2018, due to her quest to be self-employed and also to be an employer of labour, she keyed into Gov. Udom Emmanuel’s Dakkada philosophy. She decided to venture into production and sales of toiletries and body care products such as perfumes, powder and liquid detergents.

There are economic potentials in the perfume industry. The target market of Pearls colony is the low and average income earners between the age ranges of 19-60years and with this category making up at least 65% of the population, the production and sales of perfumes, powder detergent, roll-on and other body care products is very viable.

Mfonobong says she started her business with the sum of ₦5000.
According to her, some of the successes she has recorded so far is her ability to train over 70 young people in perfume production and also achieving some level of growth in her business.

Despite the challenges that come her way during the cause of her business, including when Pearls colony almost crashed when she tried expanding the business without backup finance, Mfonobong has never thought of giving up no matter how tough the situation might be. She says she never expected her entrepreneurial venture to be easy.

Pearls colony is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission with the registration number: BN 3127066. There are production assistants and Mfonobong also works with products distributors and marketers.

Mfonobong presents Collins Oscar of Made in Akwa Ibom showroom and the CEO of Madara beauty products as her business mentors.

Mfonobong wants policymakers and investors to assist her business with two items:
A filling machine which costs ₦170,000 and a Sealing machine which cost ₦120, 000.

To entrepreneurs and people who want to venture into the perfume business, Mfonobong advises, “There are days when even to wake up to continue pushing your business forward will be so difficult and some days will also come when the expected goals aren’t looking realistic. Don’t give up, (e go too dey painful when you realize say most of those wahala na something where you go fit overcome). Stay focus, work smart. Above all trust God, wahala no dey finish oh, relax when needful and stand up stronger. We will win soon.”

Research has it that SMEs are the bedrock of the economy and entrepreneurs happen to fall under this category. Realistically, entrepreneurs can move the economy of the society forward positively although it will take time.

Are you still thinking of venturing into the perfume business or any other business? Let the story of Mfonobong Pius Umouman motivate you to start something new.

87 thoughts on “How I earn a living producing perfumes for the masses”

  1. My baby girl and business partner, your energy is next to none! You inspire me a whole lot with your exceptional passion, hardwork and consistency in your product delivery. You truly deserve this support dear. See you at the top!

  2. She Is A Hardworking Fellow, With Desperate Measures In Making Jet Freedom In The Manufacturing Industries, She Needs My Push, Your Push ,Our Push.
    Am Proud Of Her As An Entrepreneur And As A Member Of Made In Akwa Ibom Show Room.

  3. If you yet to purchase pearls fragrance 😂😂 wahala for you because I wonder what you have been using oh
    It’s long lasting oh like mad

  4. Mfonobong thank you so much for the zeal u put in making sure that no pearls attains a greater heights
    Thanks for making pearls affordable to all.
    May the Lord bless and make the work of ur hand prosperous.

  5. You’re a great motivator and inspiration to many including me!..your products are simply the best ,so proud of you because you’re good at what you do Congratulations already🙏

  6. Mfonobong is a great entrepreneur.
    She is good at what she does.
    She is an inspiration to many people , including me.

    I pray God bless her richly.
    Pearls Colony will go places.😁

  7. Pearls fragrance is a brand u can’t afford to let go just a trail will really convince u
    It’s been tested and trusted with it’s long lasting fragrance and durability
    It’s a brand that u can trust

  8. Mfonbong Pius is a dedicated and passionate entrepreneur, and an inspiration to many. She is good at what she does and no one else does it better.

    I’m always proud of you Mfonobong. You are poised to break the limits and raise the bar. With God on your side, you’ll get there.

  9. The first time I stumbled on pearl fragrance perfume, I fell in love with it because its fragrance appealed to my sense of fashion… Highly recommendable

  10. Mfonobong pius’s perfumes are second to none..I love how she puts and dedicates herself to her business…I Know how many bottles of perfumes she can produce in a day if given the needed machines.. keep soaring pearl fragrance.. we’ll get there

  11. If our leaders have half of the determination, will and foresight this young lady has, Nigeria would have been living the dreams of our heroes past.
    Pearl to the world

  12. Pius mfonobong is very passionate about pearls colony. If I had my way I would personally empower, she is good and focus. I pray she wins this grant

  13. Everyone is adoring Mfon-obong. Meanwhile,. She is proposing for N170,000 and N120,000. No one has afforded her with something. Pl let us start pledging for her to enable her update the business. Weldone everyone. So concern..Mfon, I am proud of you and don’t give up. ll

  14. Speaking of Pearl colony…

    I’ve been opportune to use the detergent, perfume etc…
    And I wouldn’t be bluffing by saying Pearl is the Best…
    Greater heights…

  15. Keep pushing dear Pearls. When you least expect it you will achieve more than you expected.

    We at Marada Beauty Soap are glad to be associated with you.

    Just so you know, dear readers, all fragrances from Pearl Fragrance are top notch yet affordable.

    Don’t give up dear Pearls Fragrance!


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