How I make money from Essential oils, skincare products and confectionaries

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Britel Services is a business enterprise that deals with essential oils, skincare products and confectionaries. Unwana David Idiong is from Akwa Ibom state and is a graduate of Political Science from the University of Calabar. He is the CEO of Britel service, a business enterprise that deals with the production of multiple products including essential oils, Vaseline, hair cream, Pea-nut, Chin-chin, Fry-corn, Fry-groundnut, Doughnuts, Egg roll, popcorn and custard.

According to Unwana, Britel service was established in 2020 with a core value of not only to dominate the market but to render effective and reliable services to the populace and at the same time empower the youths through direct and indirect employment to help develop the society and reduce the employment rate in the country.
essential oils skincare products

Unwana affirms that the economic potential of Britel Services business is huge starting from the essential oil which is in high demand for dietary purposes, cooking, and is used in skin and hair creams. Most of the organic oils are medically proven to have multipurpose uses. Britel hair cream and Vaseline are used for all skin colours and for adults and babies. The snacks are everyday snacks for both adults and kids. Britel products can be supplied for use at home, events, offices and for sales in supermarkets, etc. Considering the population and the demand for the products, it is a profitable business to invest in.

Unwana says he started Bristel Services with the sum of N50000 in the year 2020.
He started with the production of coconut oil and later added the rest of the products. While commenting on the high points of the business, he says, “We have captured markets within our location with testimonies from our customers. And most importantly, with the little resources available, many youths have been empowered through direct and indirect employment. Currently, we are partnering with churches, traditional rulers, youths and security agents to help address the excesses of social pathologies in our society. We also engaged youths in various business ideas. Hopefully, with resources, we will establish a skill acquisition centre for training of youths”.

Unwana admits that the lack of adequate capital has limited the business in many ways, including, the mass production of goods, purchase of raw materials, machines to aid production, renting an apartment/factory, registering with regulatory bodies etc.
Due to the zeal and passion for the business, Unwana still has enough reason to continue in the business despite the challenges.

Britel services employs people that assist in production, marketing and book keeping.

The mentors of Britel Services are other business owners, pastors, civil/public servants and other high ranking individuals in the society.
Unwana appeals to policymakers and investors to help out with business grants, reduce the high cost of raw materials, aid in business registration, provide electricity, create a workshop where businesses can be advertised with ease, provide training for entrepreneurs and create a business-friendly environment.

To fellow and intending entrepreneurs, David advises, “They should be determined and sincere in their production. The 5P (Perfect Planning Prevents Poor Performance) method should be the guide. They should be patient and trust God for the best.”

The impact of entrepreneurs on the economy is enormous. Entrepreneurship reduces unemployment rates, provides revenue for the government, helps develop our state, reduce social vices, reduce financial burdens and unleashes creativities.

Unwana believes that the quest for an ideal society starts with our little efforts. He says, “Our visions and dreams will not materialize without support and patronage. If our visions and dreams are actualized, many youths on the streets will have reason to say no to criminality and make themselves useful despite the economic situation. Sooner or later our ideal society will be a testimony”.

Are you still thinking of when or how to start your business? Think no more, let the story of Unyime Idiong inspire you to take that bold step.

Essential oils skincare products is a sure way to start

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