How I make money from selling crayfish in Akwa Ibom

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You can make money from selling crayfish as a business entreprise. This inspiring story of Itoro Paulinus would help motivate you to start off a business. Itoro Paulinus is a chemist by profession, an entrepreneur by passion and a post-graduate student currently. She is the CEO of AITEEFILS Global Limited. Itoro started Aiteefils foods in February 2020 after she researched on why people suffer infertility and other sicknesses lately unlike before. She discovered that it’s because of the harmful chemicals in foods that people are being exposed to including, preservatives, colourings and additives.

So Itoro decided to change the narrative by venturing deeply in the food industry as a chemist. Itoro started by processing and packaging Aiteefils crayfish, a Crayfish brand free from chemicals and preservatives, flies and insects generally.
make money from selling crayfish

Fishing is one of the professions of Akwa Ibomites who reside around the riverine areas. Akwa Ibom State is a coastal area that shares a boundary with the Atlantic ocean. Rivers in Akwa Ibom have a variety of aquatic organisms, such as fishes, periwinkle, crabs etc. It is believed that Akwa Ibom has the best crayfish in terms of taste and this can be found in Oron. However, Crayfish is also found in Mbo, Ibaka and Ibeno Local Govt Areas of the State. Crayfish sellers in these parts of the state make money from selling crayfish. Crayfish serves as one of the major export commodities of the state and generates revenue thereby boosting the economy of the state. Itoro in the course of business has sold her crayfish to customers outside the shores of the State.

Itoro started her crayfish business with N15000 in February 2020 just before the Covid-19 lockdown. She started the business with a quarter bag of crayfish, today Itoro sells averagely of 10 bags of crayfish monthly aside palm oil, snails and other products that she markets.

Itoro attributes some of the challenges that she has faced in the business to lack of funds to acquire a sealing Machine and packaging materials to enable her to go into mass production to have Aiteefils crayfish in every store that would sell for as low as fifty naira.

Itoro Philips is a passionate and result-oriented individual who is motivated to succeed in business and has overcome all the challenges that come her way during this process and she has no regret in venturing into the crayfish business.

AITEEFILS GLOBAL LIMITED is a registered company with the Corporate Affairs Commission and it employs three (3) staff presently.
Itoro is highly motivated in business by her mum and Meflyn Awana, she believes that following their advice and guidance, she will excel in her business.

Itoro believes that policymakers and investors have a part to play in helping new entrepreneurs like her excel in business through various gestures like interest-free loans to small and medium scale entrepreneurs, provision of basic infrastructures like light and good roads, publicity and creation of a favourable business environment for small entrepreneurs to strive.
make money from selling crayfish

Itoro advises those who are interested in venturing into crayfish and other kinds of seafood business to be focused and have a clear goal and strategy about why they are venturing into the business and also have a target market in mind.

Entrepreneurs play an important role in the development of any economy as the bridge the unemployment gap. Youths should get involved in crayfish business as it has huge economic benefits attached to it.

Let the story of Itoro Philip Paulinus inspire you to start your own dream business and become your boss.

52 thoughts on “How I make money from selling crayfish in Akwa Ibom”

  1. I’m inspired, keep soaring high…
    Your crayfish is already known globally.
    Crayfish boss herself.
    My Mother in love crave for the crayfish after the last encounter with Aiteefils crayfish..

  2. Crayfish boss herself, your crayfish is awesome, my mother in love tasted it December 2020 and she keeps reminding me of that nourishing crayfish, just as she always call it….
    Your crayfish will impact lives globally…
    We movee

  3. Crayfish Boss!!.
    Such an inspiring story. You grow bigger and break greater grounds with very little at hand……a rare wisdom.
    Well done Aitefils šŸ‘ more grease to your elbow.

  4. This is great!
    I have benefited from her wealth of knowledge and passion for business,
    My prayer for her is that God will make her outstanding in all her endeavour.

  5. Since I start patronizing Aiteefils, I don’t need to worry about any form of contaminant in my crayfish. I don’t use seasoning when cooking, and my soup tastes better with ground crayfish and locust bean

  6. Iā€™m still enjoying the crayfish and snail we got from you last year, in fact we are coming for more snail all the way from LAGOS. Thank you for inspiring us and building a global world in the sea food business. Continue to soar high.

  7. You see why I call you Global Itoro, even before you gave your business a name?
    God just started with you dear friend. You’ve been inspiring me since we became friends.
    I love you always, keep doing God’s will.


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