How I started Ibom Market Enterprise with N1500

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Ekemini Emmanuel Etukudo is from Oruk Anam Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State. He is a student of the Civil Engineering Department, University of Uyo. He is the brain behind Ibom Market Enterprise.

Ekemini ventured into his business out of a challenging situation. According to him:

“Well, I started this business on the 3rd of December, 2019. I was broke, so I ventured into this line of business as I didn’t want to be hungry. I borrowed an Android device from a final year Student who happened to be my friend to log in to my Facebook account and chat as usual and drop some poems. I knew I didn’t have anything to eat so if I spend a good time there I would forget about hunger for the time being. The guy was working on his project so he wouldn’t need his phone. Something struck my mind, why don’t you use your ability to chat and make money.

So at first, I went to open a group so all my poems could be easily accessible. On creating the group on Facebook, I discovered features that enable sales, then my idea and thoughts changed. From there I got an idea of the business I do now, a place where one can easily buy, sale and advertise goods and services. This was on the 3rd of December, 2019. I created the group immediately and used the guy’s phone to chat with lots of persons about the idea. Many loved the idea so it boomed.

The next cash(10k) I got for feeding by January 2020 from my parents I used it for publicity and after a month everything fell apart. Then the lockdown came.

First, I’m someone who does not want to depend on a monthly salary a year. This is what I have always been my motivation to think different since childhood. But when I started this business, I was seriously hungry and without a phone of my own. So, during the lockdown, I was broke again. My last hope was going back to the business I started but I didn’t know what I was doing so it crumbled and I wanted to let go. When I told my friends Etimbuk Brownson and Utitofon Morgan about how broke I was, they both reminded me of what I started and advised that I should go and revive it. I took up courage and borrowed N1500 from my mum to buy data.
This is how I finally started my market again. This was on the 26th of March, 2020.

The starting capital for Ekemini’s business was N1500.

The high point for Ekemini has been in creating more relationships and meeting the demand of his customers. He says he now has a responsibility and is living up to his childhood dreams.
The low point for Ekemini has been losing many friends and having just fans and also when he can’t give his customers 100% satisfaction.

He says he almost thought of giving up the business when things got very difficult when he couldn’t recover the capital and make profits.

Ibom Market Enterprise is an online market where people buy, sell and advertise goods and services. Ekemini does most of the work himself.

Ekemini points out his dad as his business mentor for his ability to manage resources and make savings. Ekemini seeks to partner with policymakers and investors to scale his business by getting registered as a limited liability company, build a website, own a physical market or store where products can be kept and have access to business grants.
He advises entrepreneurs never to give up, to be independent and think innovatively.

Finally about his business Ekemini informs:

“Ibom Market Enterprise has faced challenges such as the name and lots more. Ibom Market Enterprise was previously known as Ibom Market. We got a site where you can easily access and purchase whatsoever goods and services you need. Here is it: Ibom market enterprise. Your demand is our priority. You can contact us through calls, whatsapp or emails. Call/whatsapp: 08111487082. Email: ibommarket1@

5 thoughts on “How I started Ibom Market Enterprise with N1500”

  1. I’m super proud of you, Ekemini.
    I like that you’re consistent. Ibom market enterprise will grow bigger and bigger. Amen
    Glad to see myself in this story.

  2. Consistency!
    This has simply been your bedrock. Facing challenges, bearing consequences and holding up even in worst times has revealed so much of strength, courage and intrepidity in you…

    In no distant time, this will grow and you’ll only look back and be glad you started.



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