How I started my edible flours business during the lockdown with ₦5000

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Winifred Nelson Utip is an indigene of Enen Atai Itam in Itu local government area in Akwa Ibom State. She is a student of the department of linguistics, University of Uyo. Winfred is the CEO of Winnie’s Foodgrains Empire a food brand that is involved in the edible flours business. The brand produces healthy foods for easy consumption.

edible flours business

Winnie’s Foodgrains empire deals mostly on edible flours such as beans flour, cereals plus (tombrown), soybean powder, ukom swallow (plantain flour), wheat flour etc.

These products have many benefits, according to Winifred, “My tombrown is very rich with six nutrients which is suitable for growing children and adults. My beans flour is good for akara and moi-moi, it makes the work easier in the kitchen and it also serves as a soup thickener. My soybean powder is very good for healthy living and serves as milk. My Ukom and wheat flour are good for diabetic patients”.

edible flours business

Winifred started the edible flours business during the lockdown period on her birthday 21st May 2020. According to her, her main aim of venturing into the business was for financial benefits but as time went on, she realized she wasn’t just getting financial benefits she was also solving major food problems in homes.

Winifred started her business with ₦5,000. In the breakdown, she explains that ₦2000 was for the raw material for production, while the package and labels took up the remaining ₦3000. Winifred says her highpoint in the edible flours business is the progress and innovation she makes every day through packaging the products and sales to individuals and local shops.

edible flours business

Winifred’s low point is her inability to register with NAFDAC and CAC, a limiting factor that has affected her business.
She admits that she has thought of giving up on the business each time her products get rejected by retailers over the non-registration with NAFDAC, but she keeps believing and trusting the process for better days.

Winifred looks forward to engaging with policymakers and investors to scale her business by registering with NAFDAC

She advises other entrepreneurs and those intending to join her line of business to believe in themselves, have faith, and get the right information from the right source and share their challenges with the people ahead of them.

As long as man exists, the food business will continue to be lucrative because man cannot do without food. Let the story of Winifred inspire you to start your edible flours business.

edible flours business

23 thoughts on “How I started my edible flours business during the lockdown with ₦5000”

  1. The sky is your starting place, I’m yet to see a person as determined as you are, you deserve this and many more that comes. Continue to excel my darling

  2. Your Tom brown is very very nice.
    I wish for you to register your brand with CAC and Nafdac so that plenty more household can benefit from your rich and nutritious cereals.
    I am also inspired by your story.

  3. I’ve tasted her soybeans and it’s so smooth and good for drinking tea. Plus the taste is wonderful. Your story is very commendable, keep it up dear

  4. She has been a hard working girl. Pride of my family.
    Go girl go!!!!!
    Your foot prints are on the moon. Bless you real good

  5. I have used the beans flour on Many occasions and can testifu that it is really nice and affordable. Save yourself the stress and let winnie care for your cereals’ needs. Winnie’s cereal empire shall go places!
    Go winnie!
    The sky is no limit at all😍😍😍


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