How I use waste products to make beautiful Artworks

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John Edom is from Abi local government area in Cross River State. He is an artist, a sculptor and upcycler. As a creative artist, he believes in the possibility of new realities and he tries to be innovative with every product created. John is in the line of crafting beautiful artworks from waste products.

John started his business in 2017 as a result of his passion for converting solid waste material into beautiful art products. Also, he says he didn’t want to be held back by his academic credentials so he made sure he harnessed his potentials.

John states that one can make money from his business. According to him, “My business is about art and creative upcycling on solid waste media which helps to combat the problem of waste. It reduces the increase in a landfill, it reduces the rate of incineration and it also helps to fight climate action. The products that have been made are eco-friendly interior designs for outdoor and indoor purposes.

John’s high points have been the sales made in bulk demand, diverse innovation made over time and the awards he has received from certain levels of interest. On the other hand, his low point is the challenge of not being able to mass-produce due to manpower shortage and also the challenge of selling periodically.

John’s business is registered. He does the work creation himself but occasionally he employs some part-time assistance. Cyrus 45 and Dotun Popoola are his business mentors.

The artist wants policymakers and investors to scale his business by empowering him with funds and with also a space for display of his showcase.

John’s advice to anyone who wants to venture into the business line is to, “be consistent, resilient, innovative and optimistic. Have a passion for your work and have fun with it. Let value be your priority in terms of production”.

Entrepreneurs identify loopholes and feel the gaps that exist in different sectors of the economy. If you have a passion for creative arts, you can go into the crafts business like John Edom and make beautiful artworks from waste products.

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