Fashion in Nigeria: My move paid off during the pandemic

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Fashion is a huge industry in sub-Saharan Africa. Africans love wearing their clothes and fashion products: From the traditional dresses to the urban outfits, you can’t lose out investing in fashion business. According to Euromonitor, the fashion market in sub-Saharan Africa is worth $31 billion and Nigeria accounts for 15% of this amount. This clearly shows that you can make money from fashion in Nigeria.

Victor William is an undergraduate student of the University of Uyo, he is a rising fashionprenuer and the CEO of Vilzvine Stores & More, a fashion design company that deals on men’s clothing.

fashion in nigeria

VictorΒ started in 2020 intending to set up a fashion house in Akwa Ibom State that would compete with the rest of the world in terms of fashion standards and styles. Victor wants to be the face of the fashion revolution in Akwa Ibom delivering clothes that meet the tastes of clients and suits their occasions.

The economic potentials of fashion in Nigeria are enormous. The likes of Yomi Casuals are making good money from delivering top-notch wears to clients. Victor says that customers are willing to pay so much once you can deliver to them what satisfies their fashion tastes. The fashion industry in Nigeria is still at its early stages of development and is not saturated, hence you can plug in and be a top player in this business.

The high points for Vikzine Stores so far are the positive reviews from customers and a high level of patronage barely six months in the business. However, fashion in Nigeria is a time-consuming venture and hence for Victor, combining business with schooling is tiring, also the lack of industrial machines is a big challenge that he faces.

Vikzine Stores & More is a registered business venture with a structure comprised of competent employees(tailors and support staff). The business operates with a Chief Executive Officer, Human Resources Manager, Sales and Marketing Officer, Accountants/Cashiers, Professional Tailors/Fashion Designers and Customer Service Executives. Currently, recruitment is ongoing for some of these positions.

Fashion in Nigeria needs the support of government for growth. Victor suggests that the Akwa Ibom State government should invest in the fashion industry by giving business grants to fashion businesses and support designers in the aspect of mentoring.

fashion in nigeria

Also, he wants the government to provide opportunities for designers to showcase their designs at the international market.Β  Also to encourage more fashion shows of international standards to make the exports of fashion products easier. Fashionprenuers face difficulties in exporting their designs because of the bureaucracy of the exporting process. A reduction in shipping costs will be of immense benefits to designers.

To prospective fashionpreneurs, Victor shares the following tips for success:

-Be customer-centric, treat your customers well and be appreciative of them.

-Get some work experience. There are so many roles you can do in fashion aside from being a designer. A work experience can help you learn and develop the skills/qualities you need to be able to start your label.

-Be resourceful. Budget wisely.

-Be focused.

-Be authentic. People can see through fake recommendations. You should love and genuinely enjoy using the products you advertise/sell.

Fashion in Nigeria is big business and Victor William’s story should motivate you to go into the fashion industry and meet the needs of consumers.

231 thoughts on “Fashion in Nigeria: My move paid off during the pandemic”

  1. This is amazing, I pray you succeed in the fashion business, am sure you will stand out among others because of your unique fashion style and creativity. All the best!!

  2. God of fashion.. Indeed your move paid off

    Uniuyo most dressed student that year

    Your sense of fashion is unprecedented

    Go and make exploits in the fashion world

  3. As a friend, I’ve watched you pursue your passion for fashion and you inspire me too and some of us out there.
    I believe in Vikzine brand.

  4. Victor William is one of the best designers I have known,and I guess he will be able to display his talent if given the opportunity.

  5. You’re indeed great when it comes to fashion world, I trust your moves. Keep going higher sir-Viki Williams πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

  6. When it comes to fashion , your designs are always outstanding & elegant , nice one dear , wishing you all d bestπŸŒΈπŸ’πŸ’–

  7. Vikzine stores and more is the best for top notch quality and customer service.

    Just as the CEO Victor Williams said “-Be customer-centric, treat your customers well and be appreciative of them.”

  8. I just knew u will go places, U as a fashionprenuer didn’t just start in 2020, it has been evident way back. Kudos to u Frenchman, ur designs are dope!

  9. Am not surprised. Mr. Victor is known for excellence. And from personal dealings with him, he is an exceptional person. Kudos and wish you all the best in your endeavour.

  10. Woah this is massive, it definitely takes a lot to build a brand like this in the fashion industry
    I must say I’m inspired
    I just got me a plug ✌️

  11. Who is your clothe plug again!!!!!
    Vick williz be giving us joy with πŸ’― percent delivery πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

  12. Unarguably, he is absolutely good at it. Lots of people look up to him ’cause he is a model. I strongly recommend him to all those who wants to improve their dress sense.

    Victor Williams, more grace!

  13. Style s learnt but fashion s created.
    I believe in ur creativity wen it comes to fashion.
    Victor Wills keep giving us more style n creativity.
    Good one man!!!

  14. Good decision I must admit. What Nigeria need now is more of entrepreneurial engagements; this you have demonstrated by venturing into the Fashion Industry. I recommend you for this contest ✍️


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