How I ventured into hat-making business as a student without startup capital

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Hats are fashion accessories that go with any attire. Beautiful hats tally with beautiful attire to make you gorgeous. The Hat-making business and industry is fast gaining prominence as people now prefer hats to head ties. Moreover, Creativity is needed in the hat business, therefore to excel in the business, you must have the creative ability to make beautiful hats to entice customers. Blessing Umoh makes beautiful hats, let her story inspire you to venture into the hat-making business.

Blessing Etim Umoh is a student studying accounting at the University of Uyo. She is from Akwa Ibom state. She is passionate about learning new things and she is capable of doing many things competently.

The desire to earn an income made Blessing venture into her hat-making business in November 2019. According to her, “hard work pays and even the bible says there is no food for lazy people”. Edidiong acquired the skills for her business through training organized by Hon. Sandra Bassey for people in Ikot Ekpene senatorial district. In her words, “I came across a post on Facebook posted by Edidiong Chicco about a training organised by Hon. Sandra Bassey stating that prince Emmanuel Ekpenyong was going to sponsor 20 people from Ikot Ekpene senatorial District to undergo training on how to make hats, liquid soap, perfume, shoes, etc. So because I had an interest in hat making, I commented on the post that I was interested. All thanks to my family who supported me, Mrs Nsidibe Ubokudom, and miss Florence who took out time to teach us”.

Hard work indeed paves way for success, Blessing’s doggedness and resilience made her emerge the best student in her group and also won millinery tools for her business.

The demand for hats is high because of how beautiful and confident it makes people appear. Hat business is very lucrative and you need to be creative to excel.

Although Blessing makes money from her business, she never started with capital. According to her “I never had a startup capital, what I did was when a customer orders for a hat, I will collect 70% of the money for the work, then use it to buy things for the work. When I delivered the remaining 30% will be paid”

Blessing’s high point so far is her ability to satisfy her customers and grow her business.
Although challenges are inherent in business, Blessing has never allowed challenges to weigh her down instead she keeps striving with the help of her family.
Blessing makes the hats by herself and only engages people when the workload is much. Mentors are essential in businesses, for Blessing, Meflyn Anwana is her mentor in business.

Blessing advises entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to venture into her line of business to be consistent, resilient, and meticulous about details.

Entrepreneurs have a lot of roles to play in the economy of a state. They create job opportunities, they partner with investors to build a sustainable business. They also impact the lives of people living in their society through training.

Hat-making is a business for creative individuals. You cannot venture into the hat-making business and not make it. Let this story of blessing spur you to become a milliner.

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