How Ict Has Become My Tool For Driving Digital Literacy in Akwa Ibom State

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Imagine the world without ICT, imagine the stress we would go through in getting some things done. ICT has made the world a global village where information is circulated with ease. ICT pervades all aspect of human life, it provides a better and quicker way to interact, network, grow businesses and learn. ICT is more than just innovation, it is part of our life.

Udo-Akagha Inyang is the CEO of ND Hub, a growing technology company situated in the heart of Ikot Ekpene. He is a techprenuer, an educationist, a blogger, a digital marketer and a web developer.

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Inyang became an entrepreneur because he always thinks like an Entrepreneur. He says he has always wanted to assist the government in creating job opportunities for people. He started his business, Nd Reporters in 2014, and officially launched ND Hub in 2020.

Inyang affirms that he makes money from his business. According to him, “Yes, the blog section of the company makes money via Google adverts and other paid adverts on the blog. As a Web Developer, I build websites for clients and also help manage their social media pages as an ICT consultant”.

ICT business requires huge startup capital, hence Inyang started ND Hub with some substantial investment and intends to invest more in the coming year.

Inyang says his high point has been his ability to establish his business in Ikot Ekpene and make it become the number one ICT hub involved in training and manpower development. His low point, however, is the limited patronage he got at the early stage of the business.

Inyang has never thought of giving up when facing challenges, in his words “Well, before I even launched out, I knew that it won’t be easy out there. As an Entrepreneur, I have a very large heart towards accommodating challenges and shock, so I was prepared for anything. I have never taught of giving up, not yet at least .”

Inyang does not work alone, he currently has two staff working for him. ND Hub is fully registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission.
Inyang presents Mr Mark Essien of, Mr Hanson Johnson of Start Innovation Hub, and the Onuks of RootHub as his business mentors.

ICT is more than just innovation, it is part of our life, and inyang wants investors to empower him so he can buy more digital equipment for the hub to offer more digital services to the public.

Inyang advises entrepreneurs to brace themselves and be ready for tough times. In his words “business is not always rosy at the start. But once you settle, victory comes”

Entrepreneurs are change agents, they assist the government in curbing unemployment, and they also boost the economy of the state.

ICT is more than just innovation, it is part of our life. Get inspired today and join the business.


359 thoughts on “How Ict Has Become My Tool For Driving Digital Literacy in Akwa Ibom State”

  1. Amazing vision.
    Last time I visited you, I remember you shared this vision with me. Weldone guy. You are sure going places.

  2. Our conversations in recent times proofed to me that you are a man focused on achieving goals.
    So I have no doubt that you will do a lot for your Community. Bravo!

  3. Good morning guys, I must commend the organizers of this for a great job done, and for you ND Hub, bravo my gee.

  4. Saw this link on Twitter and decides to come read what is here and I must confess, am not disappointed atall. Weldone to the organizers.

  5. Ever since I met you at last #SMWLagos and the discussion we had, I knew you were up to something.
    Kudos guy. Amazing storyline.

  6. I wish I had the inspiration as half as you have, I would have done great things no.

    All the same, not to plate to start.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks for the platform.

  7. Great friend.
    Amazing personality.
    Inspiring story.
    My church member, no wonder I do admire your passion.
    Happy Sunday and thanks for the motivation.
    You are blessed.

  8. I love your story.
    You are this one guy that I always wish to meet. Haven’t met u before but I see in you; Humility,Mildness,Industriousness and patience. You are always approachable. Wish you success in all your Endeavours!!✌️

  9. Mr Udo-Akagha, It’s good to know that you are doing amazing things out here.
    More so, it Feels good knowing that you are working with me as well.
    Weldone sir

  10. I can’t help but keep loving you more and more.
    From, to ‘Save the Youths’Conference, to ‘Most Outstanding Youth’ Award, to #ThePitch, and now #NDHunb, you are a trail Blazer man.

  11. Every time you come to my barging saloon to cut your hair, I always learn a lot from your train of taught
    Now coming here to see this, am right to think you are a great guy in the making.
    God bless the initiator of this program.
    Akaka Ibom entrepreneurs are sure doing great.
    The future is ours…

  12. Usually I never comment on blogs but your article is so convincing that I never stop myself to say something about it. You’re doing a great job Man,Keep it up.

  13. Always very focus, dedicated and committed to goals. Did I also say you are a philanthropic. ND hub has created a huge impact in Ikot Ekpene as a whole. Especially the way it impacts and encourages upcoming entrepreneurs in the local government. Kudos guy!!! Keep the good work

  14. Inspirations will never leave you…
    Your effort of being an entrepreneur has positively affected my life..

    At the back of my diary it’s is boldly written ND HUB.

    Thank you boss


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