How investing in Organic Superfoods business can change your life

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Organic foods are gaining prominence as more people become more conscious of their health and taking active steps to control their diet. If you want to start an organic superfoods business, then this article is just for you. Dorathy Daniels is a graduate of Computer Science from the University of Calabar, Cross River State. She is also a certified IT professional from NIIT. She hails from Ibesikpo and Uyo local government area. Dorathy is a serial organic superfoods entrepreneur passionate about solving malnutrition cases in Akwa Ibom, Nigeria and the world at large. She says she is sincerely committed to building a global brand of organic foods to meet the nutritional needs and also promote healthy living in our homes and Families. Dorathy Daniels is the Managing Director of Medorr Nigeria Limited, makers of Medorr Foods.

Dorathy says that ingenuity borne out of the covid-19 pandemic motivated her to start her organic superfoods business. According to her, “The ravaging effects of covid 19 cannot be overemphasized because it has brought the world’s economy to its knees. Therefore, I took advantage of the lockdown season of covid 19 that started from March 2020 to venture into the production and packaging of organic superfoods basically to solve what I considered an age-long plaque of humanity that has attracted global attention called MALNUTRITION. Moreso, with the passion to tackle this monster to the barest minimum, I decided to go into the production of cereals and beverages for babies, children and adults from 6 months and above. Which include: Tom Brown Mix Cereals Powder Sweet Potatoes Fruity Cereals Tiger Nut Milk Powder Dates fruits Powder Sweetener(Healthiest Sugar Alternative) and Date Seed Tea.”


Medorr Foods brand has enormous economic potentials because it is a staple food that has attracted high patronage from families and homes.

Dorathy started with Tom Brown mix cereals Powder with a sum of N5000 which was used to buy few pails of grains from the local market. These grains were processed, packed in pouches and supplied to customers in their homes during the lockdown using the services of dispatch riders. After a few months, there was a surge in the demand for Tom Brown Mix Cereals Powder due to visible health improvement of customers, leading to referrals.

Tom Brown mix cereals is a finely blend of wholegrain/multi-grains Cereals mix with date fruit sweetener in their right ratio and proportion. It is a super organic food rich in virtually all the essential nutrients and fibre needed for proper body growth and development with no chemicals/preservatives and is produced under hygienic standard operational procedures.

The organic superfoods business has recorded many successes and high points. Dorathy informs, “My joy lies in hearing customers/clients sincere satisfaction and acceptability of Medorr Foods brand through their calls, reviews and referrals and we are poised to consolidate on these for more global acceptability. Indeed, Our organic superfoods brand adorns all the major shopping malls and supermarkets in Uyo and are also in high demand across the states. Moreso, Medorr Foods is partnering with NGOs to supply our organic foods products to feed malnourished children in Nigeria”.


There are low points in the business. Like every other entrepreneurial concern, Medorr Foods brand is faced with basic production and marketing challenges such as inadequate machinery to meet up with the daily surge in demand of products thereby leading to the loss of revenue. Also, the lack of mobility for easy distribution of finished products is a low point.

Discouragements resulting from late payment from clients and inadequate funds have made Dorathy consider giving up but calls from satisfied customers demanding more products encourage her to forge ahead.

Medorr Nigeria Limited is duly registered/certified by Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) With RC 1141004 and has been trademarked by the Federal Ministry of Trade and Industry with the Trademark of Medorr Foods. The products have undergone quality analysis and assurance inspection with NAFDAC.

Medorr Foods have undergone some expansion. According to Dorathy, “Because of the high demand of our Tom Brown Mix Cereals Powder, my kitchen could not contain the standard operational procedures of these products. We had to rent a factory space at Made in Akwa Ibom Industrial Hub and this expansion gave birth to other organic superfoods and from there we upgraded gradually to more branded packs and more staffs were employed to man different departments in our company”.

To meet up with the dynamics of entrepreneurship, Dorathy draws strength from seasoned entrepreneurs, business coaches/mentors for continuous business and self-development for all-round productivity.

As a brand geared towards producing, branding and packaging products to meet up international best practices in the food industry, Medorr foods seek partnership with investors for more robust growth and expansion, also, to interface with policymakers to formulate lofty policies on the ease of doing business thereby stimulating the growth and development of the economy.

To upcoming Entrepreneurs, Dorathy advises, “I enjoin you to be yourself and carve a niche if you are passionate for food production, with consistency and focus, it will certainly drive you to success.

Entrepreneurship is an economic stimulant. It generates wealth, creates employment that leads to all-round economic development. Let this story of Dorathy Daniels inspire you to start your organic superfoods business.

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  1. This is a product which r good in our system n for our children, I so recommend it for used, n I know this company will get all over the world by God grace, more grace

  2. Congratulations Dora, thank you for being a nutritional vessel to the kids. I can commend your product with no regret. Tasted and trusted.

  3. I am inspired although not yet tried any of the products. It’s a good direction to go especially at this time that nutrition is a key to healthy living.


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