How to bring fun into the workplace

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Most managers have tried everything they can think of to motivate their employees except bringing fun to the office.  Bringing fun into the workplace is a game-changer when it comes to stimulating sales teams and creating an invigorated work environment.

Managers are trying everything they can think of to motivate their employees.  Throwing money at the problem is usually the first thing.  However, many times monetary incentives aren’t enough to motivate the team.  Instead, that dangled carrot just seems to dangle without anyone showing much effort to chase after it.  When money doesn’t motivate the team, managers scramble to find other methods to engage their employees. Unfortunately, the one thing that isn’t tried very often is plain and simple fun.

Work is supposed to be serious

Understandably the act of work is serious.  Every company large and small is in the business to make money or in the case of non-profit organizations spends money.  Nonetheless, everyone is serious about the reasons they show up to work every day.  So it’s no surprise that when the idea of bringing fun into the workplace is mentioned there are a lot of eyes rolled.  Senior managers are the majority of people rolling their eyes.  The work concept has long been that work is supposed to be serious.  Although much success has been accomplished and created under this concept, it’s time for the corporate world to come up to the next level.  Bringing fun into the workplace is the way to do that.

Under the old concept of work, people regularly fall asleep in meetings or nod at their desks. Workers frequently call in sick, even when they’re not.  Employees routinely come in a little late and duck out a little early.  Under the “work should be serious” concept, team members argue, undermine, and antagonize each other.  Ah, the good old days.

Serious work can be fun

Bringing fun into the workplace doesn’t mean that employees are goofing off instead of working.  This new business concept simply means the aspects of fun that are introduced as a regular part of the environment will energize and enhance the employees.  Fun in the workplace has proven to be a game-changer when it comes to stimulating a lackluster sales team or a lethargic office staff.  When you make fun a priority, your employees will begin to get used to the idea that somehow someway they’re going to have fun at work.  They go to work knowing that they are going to enjoy the day.  Then, work no longer is a dreaded period of time that must be endured.  Instead, it’s a place they want to be.  What a concept.   According to Jane Berentson, editor of Inc Magazine, “Fun lifts the spirits, makes onerous tasks easier, and creates an environment in which everyone is willing – even eager – to work hard and well together.”

What’s a Fun Facilitator?

It doesn’t have to be difficult to introduce fun into your work environment.  The best way to do this is by assigning someone in your office to be in charge of all the fun activities, make the individual the “Fun Facilitator.”  You can also solicit fun ideas from your staff.  If your organization is like most, you probably have four generations working together.  These individuals will have a bounty of fun ideas that can be implemented and possibly also bridge the generation gaps.

Bring on the fun ideas

There are hundreds of ideas that will help your employees smile more at work.  These include the easy options of bringing bubble bottles to the office, bouncing nerf balls, and juggling joke books in the break room.  There are other options such as, planning outdoor fun for your staff.  Some companies organize tag football, softball, or bowling teams.  Creating teams can encourage your employees to engage in playful competition during the day.  SAS Corporations consider themselves to be “perk-friendly.”  Perks range from flexible work schedules, and gym memberships, to M&Ms and Krispy Kreme Donuts at the office.  The idea is to find any way you can to make your environment a fun place to work.  Making fun a regular part of your workday will increase your employees’ morale and mantra for why they love their jobs.

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