Poultry farming business: Idongesit Essien’s story

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Poultry farming is one of the most lucrative agribusinesses that you can invest in. Raising poultry is a vast field that has employed millions of people because of the demand for poultry. The demand for livestock products, including poultry, is fast expanding in Nigeria and across Africa as a result of population growth and increased urbanization.

Poultry farming is one of the fastest-growing segments in the Agricultural industry in Nigeria. According to ThisDay Newspaper, Nigeria’s poultry industry was worth over N1.2tn as of 2017.

Idongesit Essien is from Itu local government area of Akwa Ibom state. She is a graduate of Accounting from the University of Uyo and is a long term poultry farmer.

According to her, she was passively doing poultry farming when she was still an undergraduate but ventured into it fully upon completion of youth service after she realized that the few available jobs offered meagre pay for stringent work descriptions.

poultry farming

Idongesit affirms that one can make money from poultry farming because of the economic potentials of the business including the creation of indigenous jobs and money from local feed production. She says one can start up production with low capital however she started her’s with the sum of eight hundred thousand Naira because she had built up a structure for the birds.

The high points of Idongesit’s poultry farming business have been being able to raise 500 birds to maturity at a period where birds were generally scarce which meant making almost double of initial forecasted profits. Also, expanding from just broiler birds production to noiler and layers birds production has been a high point.

poultry farming

Poultry farming is an intensive business and if you want to venture into it, you need to be able to pay full attention to the birds. Sometimes you may run into losses. Idongesit experienced some losses when she stocked about 800 broilers and at four weeks an infectious disease known as gumboro broke out. Over 400 birds died. She was able to recover from the loss and move on.

Idongesit runs her poultry farming business as a sole proprietorship with some staff.

Idongesit suggests that the government can assist poultry farmers by providing a platform where birds are taken off at maturity which will encourage small scale farmers to keep producing more birds. Also, she wants a poultry feeds factory to be sited in Akwa Ibom so that the persistent issue if feeds scarcity would be taken care of.

Alleviation of hunger and the creation of unique jobs are the impacts that Idongesit believes can be created by entrepreneurs on the economy of Akwa Ibom state. She advises people who want to venture into poultry production to be patient with the process. In her words, “Sometimes you will win and gain, and other times you’ll do all you ought to do and still fail. In all, don’t be discouraged”.

Poultry farming is a potential money-spinner and with the high demand for poultry products (Live birds, poultry meat, eggs, faeces, etc) you will make a profit if you venture into it today.

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