How to make money from vegetable farming

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If you are wondering how to make money from vegetable farming, you need to read this article. A lot of vegetable crops are consumed in Nigeria, the daily demand for these products is high. Growing vegetables in Nigeria is a sure way of meeting local needs and earning a lucrative income. This story of Eric Anthony will inspire you to go into production.

Eric Archibong is an undergraduate of chemistry(polymer/nano) at the University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Eric is the CEO of Meeks Agro-Innovation Farms, an innovative farm which deals on crop production comprising of vegetables like tomatoes, cabbage, cucumber, watermelon, green and red pepper, and Animal production, mainly poultry.

Meeks Agro-Innovation Farms seeks to make farm produce available all year round and at an affordable price thereby reducing unemployment among the teeming youth population in Akwa Ibom state.

For Eric, venturing into Agriculture was not a difficult decision because Agriculture has been a driving force for him right from childhood, growing up in an extended family where agriculture was the main source of income. He saw the gap in production, demands not meeting supply since most of the vegetables were produced outside the state and the erroneous belief that most vegetables can’t be grown in Akwa Ibom, and took it upon himself as a challenge to grow vegetables locally so that people can believe that vegetables can be grown in the state.
For people still wondering about how to make money from vegetable farming, Eric says that growing vegetables in Nigeria is highly profitable although some youths haven’t realized it yet. The demand is high while the supply is very low. That means more turnover for those making the produce available.

The high point so far for Eric was planting a rare species of tomatoes and harvesting over 200 baskets even when the consultant had advised that the yield would not be good because of soil factors. The low point was losing almost all the farm’s vegetables due to fungal attack.

Meeks Agro-Innovation Farms is still in the process of registering with the CAC. It is a sole proprietorship, owned, managed and run by Eric Archibong. He used to do everything in the first few months before he decided to hire contract staff.
Eric points out Bassey Ekanem of Agribloom as his day one mentor and adds that he has also gotten advice and ideas from colleagues in the business.

Vegetable production in Nigeria will blossom if the government invests in the sector. Hence Eric wants the government to provide small equipment financing and subsidize the price of fertilizers and other farm inputs while also offering grants to vegetable farmers.

To intending and already existing agroprenuers, Eric advises, “agriculture in Nigeria is never an easy job but with consistency and perseverance we can make the best out of it. So never give up, hang on and you will get there someday”.
Entrepreneurs are the backbones of every society, without them the society will be nonexistent. Entrepreneurs create employment opportunities which reduces social vices among youths. SO today you should stop wondering about how to make money from vegetable farming and Like Eric, start growing vegetables in Nigeria today and become a major producer, meeting a critical need of the society.

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