How to make money from vegetable farming: The Story of Esther Eyakndue

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If you are thinking of how to make money from Vegetable farming, then this story of Esther Eyaknudue is for you.

Born in Akwa Ibom, South-South Nigeria, Esther Eyakndue is a graduate of Sociology and anthropology, a law student and a Vegetable Farmer.

make money from Vegetable farming

Esther Eyandue ventured into Vegetable Farming few years ago and she has never regretted her decision.

According to her the high demand for foodstuffs in the society and her desire to explore the richness of nature is what inspired her to go into vegetable farming.

Passionate about enhancing and promoting healthy living, she explained that the health benefit of Vegetables to the human body is uncountable, noting that eating more vegetables will meet the need of the human body to enhance healthy living.

Though she admitted that she almost gave up at a point, which is a temptation that most entrepreneurs face, she believes that anyone with the right passion and motivation can make money from Vegetable farming.

Vegetable farming has been a source of livelihood to many farmers for decades. In our clime, indigenous Vegetables like Waterleaf, Nkong Efere (Ugu), etc are delicacies in many homes. They are hardy and have high resistance to diseases, so pest infestation can easily be managed and controlled.

Last year a Vegetable Farmer in Lagos, Nigeria shared a story of how he has been making over 200,000 naira monthly from Vegetable farming.

Though his concentration was mostly on dry season farming when vegetables are expected to be scarce, he had an all year plan that ensured the availability of vegetables to all his buyers.

For Esther, she started Vegetable farming with just N40,000 naira and she is willing to share her knowledge and experience to help other young farmers in Nigeria to grow.

According to her, there’s been an over-dependence on oil that we seem to neglect other natural resources but going into farming has helped her explore the richness of our soils.

Esther’s farm is located in Uyo and she grows Garden eggs, Pepper, Cucumber and other vegetables on the farm. She engages workers to help her with the labour needed to grow the vegetables. As an entrepreneur, she says she could increase the scope of her production and harvest if she has access to grants to purchase farm machines and access to improved seeds at subsidized rates.

Combining schooling with farm work can be a tedious process especially when school is in session but Esther forges on, driven by passion and determination to contribute her quota as an entrepreneur in job creation and enhancing food production in Akwa Ibom state and Nigeria at large.

If you want to make money from Vegetable farming, start planting today and let Esther’s story motivate you to get into the farm.


58 thoughts on “How to make money from vegetable farming: The Story of Esther Eyakndue”

  1. Dear Esther, your story is insightful.

    I have been following your work on social space, I must commend you for the efforts and tenacity.

  2. Esther has always gotten the oil in her palm to do wonderingly whatever she lays her hands to do.
    I’m not surprised on how she made it into vegetable farming.

  3. Esther,
    I have no doubt to what ever you set up your hands on because over time you have proven with experience, your adventurous spirit can not be quench until you unlock, and of course reward for good work is more work.
    Keep up!

  4. Esther Eyakndue is Nigeria ‘fastest growing Agropreneurs.. Who’s making waves in the Agricultural sector, making us to realize the green Gold of farm produce.. A very ambition and determined 21st century farmer.. I believe she’ll stand the test of time in the Agricultural sector.

  5. Esther makes Vegetable farming looks easy and that’s because she’s focused and dedicated to making things work. Cheers girl.
    See you at the top.

  6. This is highly commendable. I like the innovative spirit in my friend Esther and I’m glad she’s making massive impact in Agriculture and Entrepreneurship.
    I also strongly believe in my heart that she’s going to do giveaway.

  7. Intelligent, smart and accountable agropreneur and lawyer who is ready to attain maximum heights wherever or in whatever she finds herself doing. So proud of her anytime, anyday.

  8. One of the beautiful brains we have in this part of the world and I’m glad we’re friends. She’s not just intelligent but innovative, I believe some persons may have had doubts when she started the journey, but look at her now. The story is different and serves as an inspiration to many. This is me saying, “Keep up the good work, you’re truly an amazing personality and inspiration to many”. Cheers.

  9. This is such an inspiring story. Esther is a proof that we can achieve all we set out hearts to do and also the fact that Agriculture is for all classes of persons.
    Agriculture is indeed the new oil!
    Thank you, Esther Eyakndue.

  10. This is such an inspiring story. Esther is a proof that we can achieve all we set out hearts to do and also the fact that Agriculture is for all classes of persons.
    Thank you, Esther Eyakndue.

  11. Wow this is amazing.. This girl must really be hard working. Would love to try farming someday. She has really inspired me.

  12. Having known Esther for over a decade now, I can tell that she’s a force to reckon with, when it concerns being ‘diligent in what one finds doing’. I’m more than confident that she’ll excel beyond expectation.

  13. Esther is very industrious. I know her to be a go-getter, always looking for ways to make an impact and better the society. Her venture into farming has yielded much success as expected and would expand and do even more if given the needed resources or grants.

  14. Esther “Excellence” Eyakndue!
    Awesome and reputable personality.
    One who has brought style and beauty to the vegetable farming business.

  15. Esther Eyakndue is one of the most hardworking young entrepreneur that we have here in Akwa Ibom state.
    As a graduate and now currently pursuing her dream career which is in school for her second degree, combining schooling with her Vegetables business which pace way for some young entrepreneur in the state and beyond is what that amazed us. She determined to succeed and touch life with her Vegetables farming such as creating employment opportunities for other since she’s combination schooling with the framing and this help a lot in our current society.

  16. Knowing she could and she did is one of the main reasons i ventured into farming. The best part is, she has a good heart and is willing to help in anyway. If there is anything to be won, Esther Eyakndue deserves it

  17. Entrepreneurship Class 101:
    Identify a class need, provide solution to it and make money from the solution you’ve provided.

    Entrepreneurship Class 202:
    In identifying a problem, discover a need that will always be there so that your business doesn’t just exist in a season.

    Esther Eyakndue has score an ‘A’ in both courses. Vegetables happen to be a major need of our society. And the problem is the availability in dry season. However the Business minded Esther is making vegetables available at all seasons thereby making so much money from it.

    She has also proved that Agriculture is not an exclusive venture for the aged and uneducate. A graduate of Sociology and Anthropology, a Lawyer in Learning and a Farmer.
    This is great.

    • I’m so delighted to read this. Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. I’ll always do more.


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