How to retain customers

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Fishing out new customers is very fundamental to the growth of any business but the ability to retain these new customers is a skill and a mastery that should be learned. In a bid to make progress financially, most entrepreneurs neglect the strategy of customer retention and focus more on customer acquisition.

You may be making a mistake in your strategies, below are 5 strategies for retaining your customers as an entrepreneur:


1. Create a Positive Customer Experience

No matter how rude a customer is, he or she still believes that they deserve your attention and reply, hence it is important to give them your focus and attention. Some of these customers may have had a bad day and it’s only normal for them to project their frustration to anyone at the site. In such a scenario, it is advisable to be empathic and try to cheer them up by cracking jokes or complimenting them. This experience will leave them smiling and wanting to come back next time.


2. Stay in Touch

It is necessary to keep in touch with your customers especially when they barely come around. Most entrepreneurs forget about their old-time customers when they stop patronizing them hoping to get new customers that will take their place. In as much as we want new customers, it is important to build an effective relationship and communication with our existing customers through emails, calling them on their birthdays, and inviting them for functions hosted by your company or organization.


3. Appreciate your clients/customers

Behaviors are modified by rewards, some customers are loyal to your business, these individuals will walk past storms and seas to patronize you irrespective of people around who offer the same service as you. Such patriotic customers deserve your sincere appreciation. This appreciation can be expressed through gift cards, thank you notes and discounts, and recognition on social media.


4. Surprise your customers

Most people love surprises especially on their birthdays or when they are going through life situation, imagine surprising a female customer who put to birth with your sanitary products, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a lot, the fact that your brand thought of her would put a smile on her face.


5. Over deliver and keep to your promises

Some entrepreneurs are very good at making promises and assuring customers about the efficiency of their products but when it’s time to deliver as they have promised they end up disappointing their customers. To avoid hurting your customer’s feelings and trust it is advisable to follow the business golden rule which is – “Under promise and over-deliver”. Delivering above the expectations of your client would leave your praise on their lips. This will build trust and bring more clients as they will always refer their friends to you.


These tips would help you retain your customers and boost your business growth.

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