How to start a DEI Committee

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Starting a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) committee is a positive step towards promoting diversity and inclusivity in your organization. Here’s how to get started:


1. **Executive Support:** Secure support from your organization’s leadership, as their endorsement is crucial for the committee’s success.


2. **Identify Champions:** Find individuals within your organization who are passionate about DEI and willing to lead the committee.


3. **Define the Committee’s Purpose:** Clearly outline the committee’s goals, objectives, and scope of work. What issues will it address?


4. **Recruitment:** Seek volunteers or appoint members who represent a cross-section of your organization’s diversity. This should include employees from various departments and roles.


5. **Committee Size:** Determine the optimal committee size that allows for effective collaboration without becoming too unwieldy.


6. **Committee Structure:** Appoint a chair or co-chairs to lead the committee and designate roles and responsibilities for other members.


7. **Meeting Schedule:** Establish a regular meeting schedule and provide flexibility to accommodate committee members’ availability.


8. **Training:** Ensure that committee members have access to DEI training and resources to enhance their understanding of the issues.


9. **Create a Charter:** Develop a committee charter that outlines its mission, goals, roles, and decision-making processes.


10. **Communication:** Inform your organization about the committee’s formation and its objectives. Encourage transparency and solicit input and feedback.


11. **Action Plan:** Work with the committee to develop a DEI action plan with specific initiatives and measurable goals.


12. **Budget:** Determine the resources and budget, if needed, to support the committee’s initiatives.


13. **Feedback Mechanism:** Establish ways for employees to provide input, raise concerns, and suggest ideas to the committee.


14. **Monitor and Evaluate:** Continuously assess the progress and impact of the committee’s work, making adjustments as necessary.


15. **Celebrate Success:** Recognize and celebrate achievements and milestones related to DEI within your organization.


Starting a DEI committee is an important step, but remember that its effectiveness depends on ongoing commitment, support, and engagement from all levels of the organization.

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