How to stay energized as an entrepreneur

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Entrepreneurship is an act that requires energy, moreover, the growth of your company is a reflection of the amount of positive energy you put in. Aside from the personal energy which is borne out of a need to succeed and a vision, the individuals working under you are also dependent on your energy.

Most entrepreneurs get carried away with the buzz of life and the demand from customers and clients that they forget that they are not machines. Therefore it would be unfair to work yourself out and still not be healthy to enjoy your labour. However, there should be an equivalent replacement of energy that is being dispensed. 

Every entrepreneur that seeks infinite success should learn the skill of knowing where to find sufficient energy when drained, where to invest your energy, and when to stop spilling your energy. 

Below are 5 ways to stay energized as an entrepreneur:

1. Take a break from your computer screen


Some businesses require continual use of computers or laptops to analyze and evaluate data, hence a constant gaze on the computer screen. As simple as this task may be, it can be draining as well. To avoid experiences like headaches, dizziness, dry eyes, and fatigue after staring at a computer, it is advisable to take a 15minutes break away from your screen every two hours. This activity will help refresh your mind and help relax your eyes.


2. Connect with high-energy people

How to stay energized as an entrepreneur

Birds of the same feathers flock together, hence you must stay and hang out with people that have the same energy level as you do. This set of people will help refill your energy tank the day you find yourself feeling down, this phenomenon is referred to as emotional contagion.

It simply means that the mood, facial looks, mannerisms of people around us are contagious. A sad person can be uplifted if people around him are cheerful and a happy person can become blue if he is in the company of sad or depressed individuals.


3. Have a more restful sleep

How to stay energized as an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs must avoid stressful events as much as possible because stress does not just reduce productivity during the day but also affects one’s ability to have a deep, stable sleep.

In our daily activities, we should neglect actions that will tamper with our night sleep knowing that a good night’s rest helps one to feel energized and enthusiastic in the morning.

To have a better night’s rest, it is advisable for one to de-stress herself by having a hot bath, listening to music, a deep breath routine, reading a book, or sipping on your favourite drink.


4. Eat Healthy, Brain stimulating foods

How to stay energized as an entrepreneur

We are a product of what we eat, hence if you want to be productive and energized through the day, your diet should consist of healthy energy-producing nutrients like carbohydrate and brain-boosting vegetables like spinach (spinach is rich in vitamin B, and vitamin K). To avoid overeating or loss of concentration during work, fruits like bananas which are high in glucose and good for the brain should be kept handy.

For a healthy and productive day, it would be wise to avoid carbonated drinks, caffeine energy drinks and snake with artificial sweeteners as these drinks and snack burdens your system down during digestion.


5.  Schedule your activity


When you are faced with several tasks and have deadlines to meet, most times the very thought of the un-accomplished task may generate anxiety hence draining the available energy even before we start the needful.

To avoid scenarios like this, we must schedule our tasks into time frames in order to give time to other useful activities. This procedure will help you have a productive day and keep you motivated.

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