Iflex app: How Africa’s big tech model is disrupting Africa

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The Iflex app is here to stay. The capacity of a digital platform to provide instantaneous and targeted information to a network of people makes the online sphere much better suited to dealing with difficult situations in a more personal and supportive manner.

In today’s world, there have been rapid changes in the business environment. Organizations across the globe are consistently and constantly including innovation as part of their strategies for business expansion, profitability and survival considering the evolving digital space. This is all the more interesting when considering problem solving approaches in developing nations.

IFlex social network beams light on the ease of doing business in Africa as an all in one business/market place, delivering quality and affordable service to its customers. The IFlex app comes with some amazing features that bring potential clients and customers together in a connected economic ecosystem. It provides an avenue to connect with people, businesses and Entrepreneurs; one can find places, Tour Africa, Learn about Africa, Shop, learn Languages and how to cook African Cuisine.

IFlex enables access to markets by connecting farmers to targeted markets with its dedicated icon for farmers to advertise their products, showcasing them to the world at large. It is a fact that the Nigerian agricultural environment is highly fertile and rich in biodiversity; the IFlex social networking platform will help actualize the dreams of many farmers across the globe, as they can easily access the market virtually to meet potential customers.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has become an important component of the modern world. Rapid advances in information infrastructure are dramatically affecting the acquisition, creation, dissemination, and use of knowledge, which in turn affects economic and social activities, including how manufacturers, service providers, and governments are organized, and how they function.

IFlex is playing an important role here as it assists many organizations scale via digital transformation. IFlex was born out of innovation and the developmental/ industrial drive in Akwa Ibom State; Nigeria seeks to disrupt the fintech/ e-commerce world with its wide range of products and features. A good ICT backbone is an absolute requisite for a functioning knowledge economy which is what the IFlex Social networking platform enables strongly, thereby democratizing and transforming business processes.

A nation which has diverse sources through which it earns income has greater potential to defeat the risk of failure in its economy. Without a shadow of doubt, digital transformation processes will upscale whole sectors. Technology transcends national borders, so it should not be surprising that in 2020, private technology and telecommunication companies controlled more data on the average person than governments did. And it’s not just data ownership: Policymakers similarly fall behind in understanding the power of data. That’s a problem, particularly as social media platforms are able to influence political outcomes with few to no repercussions and geopolitics becomes a duopoly of technological trailblazers like the United States and China, with the rest of the world looking on as spectators—and reluctant participants.

Post Covid, the buyer persona has changed; the pandemic has moved many people’s lives online and demonstrated the revolutionary power of technology in driving economic growth despite physical stasis—whether in e-commerce, continuing employment for those able to work digitally, or virtual schooling. Thus, with the data and artificial intelligence surge IFlex is here to disrupt the status quo in Africa through its innovation on its mobile app platform which brings many entrepreneurs, business owners etc. together.

Clearly, the role of business innovation in the expansion of industrial and commercial activities and the general performance of an economy have long been established by economists during the 19th century industrial revolution. Despite challenges and institutional voids African Entrepreneurs are still making enormous efforts in embarking on various innovative activities.

In 2017, data overtook oil to become the world’s most valuable commodity, but it remains difficult to define. At its most basic level, data is us—humans—in digital form: how we look; the languages we speak; our viewing preferences, medical records, voices, learning habits, business ecosystem and music preferences. Therefore, AI Serves as a key variable where all data is valuable, further enhancing algorithms’ capabilities and generating revenue for the companies that collate it. Thus, for Africa, the ability to develop technological innovations based on indigenous datasets, which have already been exploited by the more established hegemony of the tech world is where the Sun rises for Africa.

Let’s have a walk through:

Find people
iflex app
IFlex app provides a special feature which allows you to reconnect with friends, family, colleagues and loved ones no matter the distance or location. This feature brings your loved ones in to your palm with just a click; you are connected with the people you love the most. It has a special A.I feature which suggests or recommends people that you might know.

iflex app
IFlex chat enables you to chat while on the go with your loved ones and includes amazing features such as: voice and video calls, special African emojis, posting on timeline, customized chat background, customized characters and beautiful African colours to give you that African feeling while chatting with your loved ones.


IFlex store is a one stop shop where you can buy and sell products with unbeatable prices and discounts. Worried about getting products delivered to you on time? You need not worry: IFlex logistics has you covered with its professional logistics personnel on ground to serve you. With the internet of things, IFlex store will connect you to any vendor or buyer that is connected to the internet.

Find Business

IFlex business allows you to search for any type of business on its platform as far as the business is a verified one; it allows you to know what the business does and the various services that the business renders. You can search for businesses by their name, phone number, location, address and the nature of the business. With the internet of things and ID 2020, searching for any business on the IFlex app will be stressless.

IFlex Tv

IFlex TV brings your favorite movies and dramas to your palm; with low data consumption, you can watch your favourite African movies on the go. Iflex Tv brings you entertainment like no other with its superior picture quality and sound.

Fashion and Life Style

Are you a fashion designer or fashion enthusiast? Search no further, Iflex app brings you the world of fashion and trending styles in to your palm with just a click. IFlex helps you get the best of fashion, trends, styles and designs from the best in the world of fashion.

Learn to cook

Thinking of what to cook or how to cook? Search no further, IFlex cook is here to save you the stress; with its wide variety of African cuisine and intercontinental meals, IFlex cook has you covered.

Language translator

Having difficulty translating or understanding any major African or other language? With just a click on the Iflex language translator icon the solution pops on your device screen. This feature allows translate languages easily and accurately.

Find Hotel

Traveling to a new city or town? Not to worry. This feature in the app allows you search for your choice hotel that meets your specifications, budget and standards and make reservations for them online from any location. This is an African innovation that seeks to bridge the gap in the hospitality industry.

Order food

With Iflex app, your favourite meal is just a click away. This feature enables you order for your favourite African or intercontinental meal. You can order meals for your friends in the office or family members and have them delivered by our logistics experts with cheap and affordable rates from different varieties of food vendors on our platform.
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