Introducing HajemBecoming Tv: A Platform For Promoting Entrepreneurship And Marketing Innovation Across Africa

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The entrepreneurship and business ecosystem in Africa has been boosted with the launch today of HajemBecoming Tv Series, a platform for Policy Dialogue on Good Governance, Leadership and Social Impact Engineering, promoting Entrepreneurship and Marketing Innovation.

According to a press statement by the company, “Our show is a practical hands-on sessions led by experienced business leaders and incorporating prize money to assist successful businesses with funding requirements. We aim to provide opportunities for funding/capital raise and business linkages for Entrepreneurs.

A look at the HajemBecoming Tv series indicates that the brand offers three major services of professional storytelling services that include research, writing, and video production, content distribution through the website, and social media platforms, and partnerships with media outlets and consulting services to help nonprofit and social mission organizations develop their storytelling strategies.

The Becoming tv series is backed by partners who share similar brand values of social impact. The partners include The Global Wealth Forum who are presenting Ventre Capital offerings in funding collaboration with the HAJEMBecoming Pitch Series for entrepreneurs across Africa, Hajemconsults, Studio24, Capital Luxury, Gems Africa, Business Women Hub, Smemall Nigeria, Start Innovation Hub, Hood Talent, Octo5, Laura Bentley, Think Mint Nigeria, Galemultimedia, Mininiempire, Tradelenda and Padimi.

The release further lists the opportunities on the Becoming Tv platform to include:


1. Hajem Becoming Pitch Series -Vc/Ai Opportunities (Virtual/Physical)

The pitch series provides a platform for entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas to investors and venture capitalists and win prizes ranging from funding, grants, loans, training facilitations, etc.

The offers by partners for participants in this category include implementation of the Business Health Toolkit and Business support for the top 3 pitch deck winners for 3 months by The SME Mall, $15,000 in Training and Grant Facilitation by Boundless Pay, Discounted insurance covers for winners by Padimi and business funding by Capital Luxury.


2. Meflyn Anwana Story Prize

As a part of inspiring the next generation of Entrepreneurs in Nigeria and Africa, seeks to identify and support young entrepreneurs whose stories can inspire an entrepreneurial revolution in Africa. The Meflyn Anwana Entrepreneur First Class Story Prize provides support of over 10 million Naira in Publicity, Business funding and Training facilitation to young entrepreneurs who have distinguished themselves in bringing joy and happiness to others through their entrepreneurial journey.

Application details can be found on


3. Face of Becoming Tv

The Face of Becoming TV Challenge is a Model Competition Challenge with cash prizes worth N180,000.


4. Hajem Becoming Hood Talent

The Becoming Hood Talent Showcase (Virtual) is a dynamic platform designed to discover and unleash real talents in the music industry with 10 million Naira worth of prizes.


With all the offerings on ground and more to be unveiled, Becoming Tv promises to be a platform that will drive entrepreneurial innovation and policy implementation across the African continent.

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