How I started my janitorial business with just ₦1,500

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  • Nobody loves dirt! We all want our homes, offices and buildings to be in spick and span condition, but there are times when we can’t do the cleaning ourselves, and also, there are categories of buildings that cannot be cleaned by just one person. We employ janitors to do the work. Janitorial business is becoming a fast growing business for young people in Uyo and other cities in Nigeria.

Edidiong Effiong Cyril is from Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. She is a 21 year-old entrepreneur. She is into laundry, house cleaning and errand services via her brand, Eddy Janitorial & More.

Edidiong ventured into her janitorial services business because of the passion and love for the job. In her words, “I love cleaning. I love home chores a lot. I can work from morning till night in the house, without getting tired. I love my house being in clean condition at all times. Passion led me into the cleaning business”.

Edidiong started the janitorial business on the 14th of October, 2019. She says that although the patronage was discouraging she didn’t relent. She kept on publicizing and talking about it on her social media platforms. After the covid-19 lockdown was lifted in August 2020, she began getting massive patronage from clients.

One can make money from janitorial services especially when one has a large customer base. Edidiong affirms that she makes money from the business. In her words, “It has helped me take care of my family, rents, pay bills and take care of myself. You can make money from it if only you’re passionate and dedicated”.

With the sum of ₦1,500, Edidiong started her cleaning business. She gives the breakdown of how she spent the money as follows: “Used it to get mop(₦600), Detergent(₦150), Hypo(₦150), Broom (₦100), and my transportation to and fro”.

The high points for Edidiong in the business was when she won a washing machine in a contest for her laundry business.

Edidiong works alone most times but she has two staffs who work on a part-time basis.

Edidiong says she is still searching for business mentors. She seeks engagements with policymakers and investors for funding for her business to enable her to get a shop to scale her laundry business.

To prospective entrepreneurs, Edidiong advises, “Be passionate about it. If not, you’ll drop. Don’t just go in for the money. Love your job at all times.”

Entrepreneurs impact the economy positively by creating employment opportunities which in turn reduces the unemployment rates in society. Let this story of Edidiong Cyril inspire you and just like Abigail, you can make the move and start up a janitorial business venture today.

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  1. This young girl spur me up, I respect her courage, doggedness, strength, determination, dedication and diligence. She will go far in life and I will be proud to celebrate greater milestones with her. God bless you and cause helpers of destiny to help you.

  2. She’s driven, quiet and very resilient for someone so young. I salute her courage and business sense. She will do great things!

  3. I salute your courage Did I girl…you deserve a win and more of this. Your hardwork and diligence will sure pay off soon. Greater heights ahead baby girl!!!

  4. Edidiong is passionate and committed to everything. She’s intelligent and daring. I love her drive to success and can’t wait to see her at the very top.🤩🤩🤩🤩

    Cheers, Superstar


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