Why I ventured into Janitorial services in Uyo to make a living

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There are not many brands offering janitorial services in Uyo but some entrepreneurs like Abigail Raymond are providing janitorial solutions and meeting needs in the city. Abigail Raymond is from Uruan Local Government Area in Akwa Ibom State. She is a graduate of English and literary studies from the University of Uyo. She is the CEO of Abbys Facility Services, a brand that provides all kinds of cleaning services, fumigation and disinfection and also the production and sales of hand sanitisers.

House cleaning is part of everyday life activity for individuals and organizations. Abigail says she started her cleaning business in 2020 before the covid-19 Pandemic commenced.

Abbys Facility Services is economically viable, businesses like this create jobs and make profits from the manufacturing of products like hand sanitisers, disinfectants etc. Abigail says one can make huge returns from the business.

janitorial services in uyo janitorial services in uyo

Abigail Raymond started her janitorial services in uyo from the money that she saved from her job which was ₦50,000.

The high point of her janitorial business is that she has had more patronage than expected. She has clients who patronise her janitorial services in uyo.

However, Abbys Facility Services has a setback which is the lack of adequate funds to get the necessary equipment to aid the work.

janitorial services in uyo janitorial services in uyo

Abigail says she has never thought of giving up on her janitorial business despite the challenges that might come.

Abigail Raymond operates the business as a sole proprietor but she also employs people to help her in the cleaning services. Abbys Facility Services is currently undergoing the registration process with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Abigail wants engagement with policymakers and investors to get access to funding to scale her business.

The CEO of Abbys Facility Services advises entrepreneurs intending to venture into her line of business, that the nature of janitorial service is challenging in terms of time and manpower. In her words, “It’s challenging in terms of time and manpower but you still have to persist and be consistent”.

Entrepreneurs play an important role in the development of any economy as they create job opportunities. You don’t have to wait for white collar jobs any longer, let the story of Abigail Raymond motivate you to venture into a line of business today.

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