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The biblical account of creation contains perhaps the most recognizable 4 words in the history of the written word: ‘Let there be light’.

And there was 🙂.

But have you ever considered that ‘let there be light’ came BEFORE the creation of the solar and lunar elements which we know to be the source of physical illumination to the Earth? In other words, if the light in ‘let there be light’ preceded the Sun, Moon and Stars…then…umm…what was it? 🤔

Well, to understand that, you need to first understand the context of those words in the language they were originally written: Hebrew.

The word used for ‘light’ in that passage is the word ‘ohr’ which means to illuminate or to enlighten. It means …knowledge!

Knowledge, my friend, is the most critical determining factor that will take you from where you are to where you seek to be. In its deeper sense, ‘Light’ means to dispel ignorance and to show something which was there all along. That’s the meaning of Revelation.

Think about it. Wooden Furniture for instance, has its origin in trees. Trees certainly don’t look like the end product of a chair or table, but these things were ‘hidden’ in the tree. And it took someone with ‘light’ to see the possibilities in the tree and produce something. Something of value.

All the money in the world hasn’t gone to the moon. It isn’t in Mars. It hasn’t gone on a hiatus to another solar system. It’s all still right here. That you don’t have it doesn’t mean it’s not available; it just means it’s in someone else’s pockets other than YOURS.

When you understand that, you’ll know better than to go with the ‘there’s no money in the country/continent/anywhere’ crowd 😉.

In order to get it from where it is to where we want it to be, we then need to understand that money follows value. First understand what makes YOU valuable and then get the knowledge that will enable you develop your value…that is when money begins to follow you.

You don’t need to scream, throw tantrums, rob, beg, sell your body (or soul) to get money. You only need to produce your fruit.

A fruit laden tree doesn’t go running after people to come pick some and eat…it simply produces its fruit and the people who desire its fruit recognize the value and go after it. Now is the time to correct false perceptions of money. You need knowledge, Wisdom, Insight.

Let there be Light.

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