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Social Media is a powerful tool and can bring a lot of business. Here are some of the major benefits of social media for your business.
We are nearing the end of a very crucial decade of the 21st century. This decade observed major growth in the internet world. Earlier the term “social world” was used to refer to a community where like-minded or people with similar interests came and mingled for fun, business, etc. But, today “social world” is almost regarded as tantrum parents throw at their kids. There’s a constant debate on whether social media benefits exist or not! However, if we observe the statistics of top marketers in the industry, 4 Billion+ people are using the internet worldwide.

Social media might have started as a place to communicate among friends but now it has taken a toll on people’s lives as a whole. Brands are using social media marketing to gauge their consumers’ opinions on Facebook or Instagram today. Sherpa Marketing also claims that the number of people following brands on social media is greater than that of celebrities. Talking of Instagram alone, approximately 80% of people have a habit of following at least one business or brand handle.

Why Social Media Marketing Is In The Groove?
Now if more than half of the world’s population is online and using social media, why are YOU missing?
Social media marketing follows a very basic thumb rule- Of the people! For the people! By the people!
A brand’s product or services if not consumed by the people will rot. Period. So, it is essential to take the benefits of social media marketing for business growth. Let’s dig deeper into the ways social media marketing can serve you.

Humanize Your Brand Via Social Media Marketing
Let the technology rise to any extent but a human touch is and will always feel better. Isn’t it? There are many arguments to this statement, some including puns as well. Let’s not get into it. But, possibly you can feel that when anything comes from a person instead of a machine, you’re more inclined towards a decision. Social media platforms help a business put human contact to their customers.

Around 60% of people claim that they discover a brand’s new product or service via their social media handles alone. We have already told you many times that visual content is more powerful than plain textual content. Where? Aren’t you following our social media handles?

Platforms like Instagram are changing the whole perspective of brand identity. Marketing your business offerings on Instagram/Facebook is “Cool”, in the language of millennials; and “stratagem” in the language of digital marketers.
Once you start promoting your brand’s content on social media well, initially you’ll struggle to establish engagement amongst the crowd. But once the brand is in there, you have numerous possibilities of growing brand value.

Instill Brand Trust And Loyalty Via Social Media
Social media handles are an important tool to market and instill trust and loyalty of your brand amongst people. Every social media post is an opportunity for your business to say something meaningful to people, and add value to their life. Now, the art lies in how to incorporate your brand into this scenario. You can’t just keep posting motivational quotes on Instagram and expect people to buy your digital services, for instance. The content being posted on social media must be apt and concise. If we take the example of Twitter, we only have 140 characters to shoot the arrow of your service to a customer’s mind.
TLDR, keep these pointers sharp in mind before you put out the next social media post for increasing brand awareness.
Enhance brand loyalty,
Realize customer insights, and
Scale sentiments around your brand.

SMM Affects The Marketing Numbers Well!
A good marketing strategy always follows numbers, as they say, ‘numbers never lie. While doing social media marketing, the analytics section is a boon to each platform. Let it be Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, all these have an analytics section where you can constantly monitor the outcome of each post or a campaign.

SEO Also Obeys The SMM Stats!
Yep, you read it correctly. Search engine rankings are also affected by social media presence. After all, whenever you list your business on Facebook, Twitter, etc. you get a free backlink worth 100 valued DA. But, it doesn’t mean you make a social media handle and drop it there. As your brand handles engagement increase over social media, so does the search engine ranking of your website. All n all, your conversion rate increases. Whether you are in the B2C world or B2B world, conversion rates are majorly affected by your social presence.

Cost-Effective Marketing!
Using social media platforms to market your brand is possibly the most cost-effective mode of marketing. Till the point you are creating a profile and making posts or generating some #trending content that goes viral, it’s all FREE. Only when you want to leverage the benefits of social media marketing more, mainly via influencer marketing and paid advertisements, you get billed. And this cost is also very budget-friendly as compared to other means of marketing.

Another big benefit of social media marketing for businesses is that you can do crisis communication very easily. In case your offline store ran into some trouble, just post it out and the mass will get to know. For eg. let’s give credit to Starbucks for their timely social media notices!
As a matter of fact, people are already talking about your product on social media. Suppose someone just purchased a t-shirt from your e-store and is telling his/her friend something about that. Now, if you have a social media person deployed, they can easily pick up this conversation (in case it’s public) and offer them say, a giveaway if it’s a positive comment! Or promise them some reimbursement in case it’s a negative one.
Whatsapp and Facebook are very trending when it comes to one-on-one chatting. You can use them for customer support for your business. You may employ Facebook Messenger automated messages or integrate a live Whatsapp chat feature on your platform. This way client interaction becomes smoother and simpler.


Having said all of that, we are on the same page now that social media marketing does have greater benefits for brands than the thought of. In case your business doesn’t have social media presence till now, Go Get Started now! And if you do have a presence on social media but the results are not that beneficial; try to improvise your content more. The aim is to make you and your business grow. So, don’t lose potential customers and begin your brand’s social media journey as soon as you can.

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