Making money from Health drinks in Nigeria: Chioma Oti

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Health drinks are becoming very popular as people seek alternatives to conventional soft drinks and wines and detoxify their bodies. Smoothies, fruit juices, herbal teas, milk etc, are in huge demand. If you want to go into the production of health drinks, then this article is just for you.

Chioma Oti is the Ceo of Xeena Drinks, a health drinks manufacturing company that produces Different flavours of Smoothies and Juices, Parfaits and Yoghurts. All the products are organically made from fruits and vegetables, with no additives or preservatives. Xeena products are hygienically prepared and cater to those people who are conscious of getting their stipulated doses of vitamins and minerals, while still being mindful of what they ingest into their systems.

Xeena drinks also add colour to events and occasions with their array of fruits of different types and colours.

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Chioma ventured into health drinks production in 2016 after she made up her mind to shed some weight. According to her, “I had to find alternatives to food, so I turned to fruits and vegetables. To have variety, I started blending and pureeing them. It kept me full and healthy, hence I shed weight and this got people wanting to know what I was taking. Subsequently, they would ask me to produce for them and I started charging them to do this!”

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The health drink business has very high economic potentials as people are now more aware of their health and well being, and seeking alternatives to drugs for vitamins and supplements needed to live a healthy life.

The highpoint for Xeena drinks was in October of 2020 when the brand was contracted by the management of Obudu Mountain Resort, to run their juice bar for a specific period. Chioma says it was a very interesting opportunity and by far, the largest scope of work they have undertaken. They were attending to at least 100 guests for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the given period.

The low point for Xeena drinks comes at the time of the year where there is a lull on parties, events and occasions. So when there are few or no weddings, seminars, retreats or parties taking place, they then rely on their retail sales, which sometimes, do not amount to a lot.

Xeena Drinks is a registered company with the Corporate Affairs Commission with RC 943099. It is a structured company with staff who assist in cutting and preparing the fruits and cleaning out the equipment. There are also sales assistants.

She points out Saladville Nigeria Ltd, Lagos and Zolyf Drinks Abuja as her business mentors.

Chioma says she needs government assistance by way of funds to acquire machinery needed. Also, there’s a need for a display room/shop, where people can come and purchase Xeena products. Furthermore, she calls for assistance government assistance in completing the processes for getting a Nafdac number.

To people who want to venture into the line of business, Chioma has this advice for you:

-Do your groundwork carefully. Do you have a passion for this business? At low points, passion keeps you going.

-Look to your mentors, learn before you launch out.

-Take hygiene seriously, you owe it to your customers.

-Start small, then expand.

Entrepreneurs can impact on the economy of the state by making products availability of products in the state. There will no longer be the need to source these health drink products outside therefore the funds remain within. Also, Entrepreneurs employ labour, taking more people off the streets and the job market.

The production of Health drinks is one sure business that is guaranteed to bring profits to you. You should go into it now.

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  1. The smoothies are like none other I’ve tasted. it leaves me full and refreshed and helps a lot if you are on a weight loss journey. I forgot I was dieting. Xeena is food and drink, all in one!

  2. That home feeling is what I took away from Xena ! the CEO is ever present in the service of he at home and with so much varieties.

  3. Xeena products undoubtedly leave you feeling refreshed believe me. I’ve had the smoothies and parfaits and it’s not just because I love fruits but because these genuinely are the best I’ve tasted in ages compared to others.

  4. Xeena health drinks are one of the few health drinks companies I can 100% vouch for…each and every product sold is hygenically and deliciously made.
    Her products are by far the best and absolutely trust worthy. Get yourself a xeena health drink ASAP.😘

  5. Knowledge is very important in life’s journey. What we eat and drink surely impact our lives. The varieties of products offered by Xeena drinks are designed to help us stay healthy and alive. Kudos to Xeena . I’m getting fresh orders now

  6. Inspiring a healthy lifestyle is the key to over all health, meanwhile taking fruits and vegetables juices or smoothies will glow your skin and keep you younger forever. Chibaby right done beautiful sis and may God almighty bless your hand work more especially this wonderful idea of yours 🙏🙏

  7. Leaving a healthier way of life is very important and I am so impressed with what you are doing. May you be more inspiring to others and the whole world will be your limit.

  8. Madam your drink make a lot of sense🍺 Na world 🌎 cup o. Officially making me feel on top the world 🌍. Kudos and keep the flag flying 😋!! We need more

  9. Very good and important business idea! Healthy living and healthy eating and drinking is the key to a happy life! Do your business, inspire others and make us more healthy!

  10. We are so proud of you! You have done so well! You have worked so hard and gained so much!!
    It is so inspiring that you show others that a healthy lifestyle is just so easy to achieve.
    I wish you all the best and so much success for the future!

  11. Xeena drinks made from passion, hygenically prepared to boost your health. Best health drink plug in calabar. No adulteration, no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives. Indeed passion begets Wealth….

  12. Xeena drinks has taken a huge load off my shoulders. I place my orders and I get exactly what I need. No additives, hygiene is super. Well done Chioma.

  13. Xeena drinks remain an all time hit when it comes to refreshingly healthy ,natural,hygienically prepared drinks.. Pure undiluted freshness … ❤️

  14. Xeena drinks is the best healthy natural drink I have enjoyed personally always available any time of the day cheers to more healthy drinks from u . Congrats Sister Chioma CEO Xeena Drinks and Smoothly

  15. Congratulations on the feature Sis! I’m so proud of you. You’ve always had a passsion for health and communication and it is awesome to see you tapping into this passion and growing a business out of it.

    May you never tire of doing the thing that sets your soul on fire. Very well done.

    I will definitely recommend Xeena drinks to everyone!

  16. Congratulations Sis on the feature! I’m so proud of you. You have a passion for health and communication and you found a way to tap into this passion and build a business while doing that. Very well done. May you never tire of doing that which sets your soul on fire. Jisie ike. Love you loads!!

  17. Xeena drinks is exceptional, prepared in a hygienic environment ,natural and very healthy.It started on a good note and still maintains its high standards.I recommend it for people that choose to live healthy .Kudos and Gods grace to Xeena.

  18. I know when the ideas were been brewed, when the recepies were bein perfected, when free ‘trials’ began, then sales started… from day one to day two… the products have always come out better than the previous one. Today it is at 120%😉, and is still being improved. All natural, hygenically prepared with alot of heart, optionally delivered to you with smiles. In short Xeena drinks, and products make sense!!

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    Neat & Co-ordinated.
    Health drinks is Da bomb.
    I simply wish u well in all ur endeavors.

  21. Zeena drinks are the best one can get in the state. There’s absolutely no side/adverse effects because they are organically made and iare prepared in hygienic environment.

    Zeena drinks rock

  22. It’s amazing that you’ve been able to give life to your dreams. I always admired your passion, time and effort you put to be where you are. This is such a huge motivation to people who believe in starting small. The sky is your stepping stone Nwanne m. Keep soaring higher. God bless you CEO Xeena Drinks.

  23. Chioma’s drinks and smoothies are extraordinarily beneficial to your health and should be added to your daily nutrient intake.
    Anyone wanting to change their improve their health via drinks and smoothies…think Chioma’s drinks

  24. Xeena products are real, natural and hygienically prepared. Very healthy and help mop up the free radicals in the body.
    It also helps me in weight reduction
    I recommend it to all.

  25. I prefer health drinks to conventional drinks because of the numerous benefits to human health. It detoxifies the body, boosts immunity, aids in food digestion and also helps to loose weight. Keep it Chioma. It is a very promising business and needs Government support.

  26. This is great..I admire your courage and strength my superwoman💕❤️. You will surely go places. The Earth shall yield increase for you on every side bcuz you have a good heart

    Xeena to the world💪💪💪💪💪

  27. Her drinks are well preserved

    Ingredients are not randomly picked, grilled to suit your health needs.

    She knows what combination that would make up ur order, if you are able to tell her your health challenges.

    She is a Doctor and a professor in health drinks, I must confess.

    Keep it up and whilst God uplift you in Jesus mighty name amen 🙏.

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    Xeena drinks is top notch and needs all assistance to encourage and motivate local entrepreneurs.

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  30. Xeena drinks are really true to the narrative above.Av had some of her products and I was not disappointed.She has great potentials and if given the needed assistance she would surely serve us better as a nation and seek other frontiers too in future.

    • I have made purchase from her. Her smoothies are very healthy and nice. I see the passion she puts into the business. When one does something he/ she loves it turns out well. Xeena is an example of such. I love her drinks and would recommend it for all health concious individuals.


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