My Essential and Carrier oils entrepreneurial story

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My name is Abasiofon Udoh and I produce essential oils. I decided not to waste much time chatting, eating and wasting the remaining hours of the day doing nothing while waiting to scale JAMB. So while applying for Jamb again last year before the lockdown, I wrote a business plan on 23rd July 2020. It was a milkshake and wig making business plan.
During that period, I was working as a Nanny for a banker earning N10.000 monthly. In August I stopped working and went to learn how to make wigs. After the training, I realized that orders were not coming and so as a human being, I was disturbed and I thought of what next to do to keep my business moving. A friend of mine shared a link on her Whatsapp status, it was an online training on how to make Essential oils and Carrier oils. I paid for the training and I am glad that I made my first five bottles of carrot oil and sold them out. This was a big encouragement and so I made more bottles due to orders placed and I added turmeric oil as well. I am also going to be adding Avocado oil, glow Oil and Tumeric soap, all organic products as demanded by my customers.
essential-oils essential-oils

More oils will be added as my business grows as well. The demand by customers for other organic products like organic soap, organic cream, body glow oil makes me realize that I have got more problems to solve. This has made me feel more confident in myself than ever. Making these organic products has brought massive sales.

I started my business on September 1, 2020.

The economic potential I would say is really good. Once a customer orders for my oil, in less than 2 to 3 weeks depending on how it’s used, they get  to order again. Organic Skincare and hair products is a good business one can invest in because it’s chemical-free as well, no preservatives added and such product are natural and perfect for use with no side effects.

I started the business with N5000

My high points have been selling 10 bottles of my organic oil in one day, gaining back my capital and making a good profit. Also, I had difficulties marketing my product but when I met Idee the lady that taught me how to make Essential And Carrier Oils, she introduced me to copywriting in business and knowing how to get my target audience’s attention. Currently, it’s working for me and I am grateful to God and her for the knowledge she shared.


I also make lip Scrubs but since I made my first Scrub at N1000 and only one person bought the scrub at N200. Since then there’s been no other sale and that has been my low point in the business.

I do the work myself. Mfonobong the CEO of M’fonobong is my mentor in business. She is into the making of bags and shoes. She taught me branding in business, having a brand name, logo and a business page. Idee, the CEO of SEAVONNE OILS is also a mentor. She taught me the basic things I need to know about Essential Oils and Carrier Oils, she shared a link generator with me and how to monetize my social media platforms and make sales both offline and online.

I look forward to engaging with policymakers and investors to scale her business.

My advice to anyone who wants to venture into the business line is please be consistent and know that you don’t need N50,000 to start a business. You start small to grow big and that’s how people know that you are real. And also please never feel you’ll start making so much gain in business in the next 3 month to come. No, it’s about putting in, gaining your capital and profit and investing back. Please don’t make the mistake of using up your profit, you can save it for future use.

Also, having a mentor is very necessary, I acquired most of my knowledge of business with the help of my business mentors. If you are planning to start a business, you need someone to guide you on how to go about it so you won’t be operating at a loss. Never give up on your goal and ambitions, once you get tired of the business it definitely won’t turn out well for you. Let the spirit of positivity be your signature or be your pledge. Also, have a set goal for your business and be creative no matter the number of people in the same line of business as you. You can still be outstanding.

Entrepreneurs can impact the economy of the state by wealth creation through the generation of revenue to the government, employment and knowledge impartation.

Let this story of Abasiofon inspire you to start up a business today.

24 thoughts on “My Essential and Carrier oils entrepreneurial story”

  1. Inspiring and insightful. The world needs this kind of help. Keep it up, soar higher. God bless your hand work and with more creative ideas.

  2. Go dearie go!!! Very inspiring story, I love your zeal baby sister. You’re
    an amazing girl. Keep Soaring.
    Your carrot oil is really good on my skin. OFON the brand that gives the best😍 organic products.

  3. This is an inspiring story to everyone. Vital points made such as consistency in business,good mentorship, starting with what you have (i.e. not delaying wishing to have big capital). Thumbs up baby girl, my upcoming CEO

  4. This is an inspiring story to everyone. Vital points made such as consistency in business, good mentorship and starting with what you have at hand (I.e stop delaying wishing to have big capital). Thumbs up baby girl, my upcoming CEO

  5. It’s hard to find a teenager throw themselves into the business world and I’m inspired to meet someone who is willing to make a difference. Soar higher dear.

  6. Amazing. Its always good to learn from those who Have gone farther than you in business, stay consistent and don’t give up. I’m proud of you

  7. I Say a big thank you to the organisers of this great competition, for enabling and promoting Enterprenurial sector of Akwa Ibom State.
    May God bless you all abundantly.


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