My shoemaking skill pays my rent and shocks the people who mocked me when I started

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Shoes! We wear them for various reasons, shoes are one of the basic components of fashion, they play a vital role in fashion. History has it that the first footwear production activity started around 1250BC-476BC in ancient Egypt. Today, footwear brands are everywhere!
Nsidibe Usoro is from Nsit Ibom L.G.A of Akwa Ibom. She is a graduate of Business Administration and Management.

Nsidibe Usoro ventured into shoemaking after she returned from the National Youth Service Corps scheme in 2019. After applying for various white-collar jobs without success, she turned to her bead making skill which was not yielding results due to some limiting factors. She always had a passion for shoemaking and decided to venture into it but didn’t know where and how to get the training. She told a friend about it and she was directed to a place where she got the training.

Shoemaking is a lucrative business, different individual and corporate brands are cashing in on shoe sales. According to Nsidibe, “One can make money from shoemaking depending on how well you market and package it but then it has to be to up to the customers taste. During the pandemic, I was working at home, after the lockdown I was able to get myself an apartment and still send something to my family. I feel special when men look at me with amazement, they patronize even when they didn’t want to. I am proudly a female shoemaker.”

Nsidibe had already bought the important filling machine while undergoing training but still needs more support

Nsidibe’s high point in her business has been seeing other people learning under her and doing so well.
Her low point in the business has been her giving her all to her business and not getting the expected results. But giving up has never been an option to her, as always sees better days ahead.

Nsidibe does the shoemaking alone but she has apprentices training under her.
She points out Waas designs as her business mentor.

Nsidibe seeks engagement with policymakers and investors to provide shoepreneurs with interest-free loans to help them get the necessary equipment to help them produce quality shoes in Akwa Ibom that can be exported outside the country.

To fellow entrepreneurs and intending entrepreneurs, Nsidibe advises, “Yes, the work is stressful and engaging, you may get dirty home while on training but then if you want to do something special (especially for females) you must swallow your pride and do it with all Joy. My friends mocked me when I started it, but today they’ve seen the result. Do not be scared of starting small”.

Entrepreneurs are the bedrock of any economy and positively impact the economy of the country. Let this inspiring story of Nsidibe Usoro the female shoemaker inspire you to take that business decision and start your business today.

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  1. Nsidibe Usoro is a very resourceful person. She makes sure all her clients smile at the end of every transaction. Keep it up girl.


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