Why baking business thrives on passion

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Adaeze Nwachukwu is a final year student of polymer and Textile engineering at the Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Imo state. She is from Ezinihitte Mbaise of Imo State. She loves travelling, she has travelled to states like Kogi, Lagos, Abia, and Rivers. She loves to meet new people, explore cultures, and she loves tourism and adventure. She is also a budding writer who has won some writing contests. She is also a baker, courtesy of her mum who aroused passion in her. She is a firm believer of this statement: “When we do what we ought to do, everything good will come”.

Adaeze ventured into baking because of the passion she has for it. In her words, “I ventured into my line of business because even before I started I was helping my mum do the same business so I developed a passion for it. Like my mom is always delighted when her customers give her positive feedback, it gives me joy when people are happy because of the job I did for them.”

Adaeze says her business is very lucrative and one can make money from it. According to her, “Yes! The economic potentials are quite favourable because it has to do with edible foods and snacks. It’s something that cannot go extinct. Snacks are convenient foods, they are appetizers.”

She started her business with a sum of N13000.
She has not recorded any high points yet. Meanwhile, her low points are lack of business equipment and lack of funds to boost her brand by using customized stickers and logos and also buying raw materials in bulk to make a good profit.

Adaeze has thought of giving up before in the face of challenges. In her words “Yes, I have. An instance was when I started. One day I did a job for someone and as a startup, she kept pricing low, I told her the cost involved in giving her the kind of job she wanted but she wanted to blackmail me with the idea that because I was just starting she just wanted to help me and support me. Well, after so much negotiation, I agreed to do the job for her. The job entailed baking a six-inch cake and a box of small chops for her fiance’s birthday. I did the job and there was no gain, I was just so unhappy because I sacrificed my time a lot to achieve what she wanted. And subsequently, it happened with others, again and again, I just wanted to give up because I had invested my money but couldn’t even break even.”

Adaeze works alone but subsequently engages her friends when the work is tedious and then pays them.

Her boss, Mrs Queendalyn Nwokike, and Mrs Elizabeth Ingbian are her mentors in the business.

Adaeze wants investors to invest in her business and also organise business mentoring programs for young entrepreneurs. She advises entrepreneurs to be patient, be consistent, and also practice daily to gain experience and become a pro in their businesses

Entrepreneurs are nation builders, they create job opportunities for job seekers. Let the story of Adaeze Nwachukwu inspire you to go into the baking business today.

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