My passion for shoemaking drives my business

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Edeh Glory Adaku is a 28-year-old indigene of Nkalaha in ishielu LGA in Ebonyi State. She ventured into shoemaking in June 2019. She has always had a passion for shoemaking and that passion propelled her to venture into shoemaking.

Shoemaking has lots of economic potentials. Glory affirms that one can make money from the footwear business ranging from the production of sandals, palm slippers, etc.


She started her business with the sum of N10,000.

Her high points in business include referrals from satisfied clients and patronage from customers. She says people love her works and that keeps paving ways for her.

Glory’s low point in business was her inability to get the basic working tools like a manual sewing machine and filling machine she needed after she had completed her training. It was one of the toughest times in her journey as a Shoemaker.

She admits she has thought of giving up at some point where she had so many orders coming in but didn’t have anyone to help with the work to meet up with delivery dates.

She makes the footwears herself, working from home. She plans to employ extra hands when she gets an outlet.


She points out Onyejiuwa Evangel Chioma as her business mentor who has taught her a lot about the footwear business and is always available to help her when she gets into a fix.

Glory looks forward to engaging with policymakers and investors etc to scale her business. In her words, “With an investment to scale , I can get an outlet for my business, get the remaining equipment to make the work easy, and more hands can be employed”.

To intending entrepreneurs who want to venture into the footwear business, Glory advises, “You cannot venture into shoemaking without passion; you cannot work efficiently without loving your work. Patience is a virtue in this line of business. And be open to new ideas; learn new things as the world is evolving”.

Entrepreneurs attract jobs and investments to the economy of any country. Let the story of Glory inspire you to venture into a business today.

45 thoughts on “My passion for shoemaking drives my business”

  1. Edeh Glory has always been a drive on social media with her shoemaking skills.

    She does it with passion and with one aim in mind. To satisfy her customers.

    I am routing for her anytime, any day.

  2. I must confess, your passion for shoemaking is just wooow, the way you proudly call yourself DatShoemaker is amazing and hilarious yet shows how much you cherish what you do. Your works just amazing, fantastic, superb. My friend keeps talking about them. More grace to you, I pray God to enlarge your coast

  3. I want to tell you how much I love you passion and commitment toward what you do, but words would fail me,,,, because the words that would actually capture your true person have not being written, that’s why eyes not seen ears have not heard neither have it entered the hearts of men how much of and amazing person you are….. But the only problem be say you na mumu.. Do my palms for me if not no peace for the wicked. But I still love you.. You are indeed a strong woman, I no mean by your size ooo. I mean at heart.

  4. The works of her hand are superb and so neat. The passion she exurbs for her is quite contagious even though it is a tasking job.

    You go girl

  5. I am satisfied by your deal and desire to succeed especially in a line of business that many will always say is for men.
    You will go places dear. Keep working hard and keep growing, life will always find a way to support you. A lot of people will be looking at you for motivation and encouragement.
    More power Nne.

  6. I am totally moved with your deep passion for your handiwork. I believe you’re going to stand out from the rest in style and humility. Be an inspiration to others and God will light your path. God bless you!!

  7. Glory your story is quite encouraging. Picking up such a challenging job and. Asking it your passion when people of your gender chooses easier stuff like make-up, hairstyling and beautician you rather pick up a challenging one.
    Wow. I respect you so much for that.
    Keep it up.
    If I’ve the opportunity to help you I won’t hesitate.
    I’ve one question to ask.
    You’ve said that you’re passionate about this shoemaking, my question is; why shoemaking of all the thing you could have choose?

    • Thank you Trusty.

      The story behind my becoming a shoemaker is a funny one.
      I have always had a thing for fashion but i knew it wasn’t clothing, I was a retailer, I’d buy from a friend who i met online and sell.
      On one of my orders he disappointed me that made me disappoint a client, then i thought to myself “i could venture into making and not disappoint a client”.
      I took a step towards my thought, here i am not disappointing any client😁

  8. Glow with pride!
    Like I always say, ‘little goals lead to bigger ones’. Keep pushing darling, we will get there. More success stories. I’m so proud of you💗

  9. Your works are so beautiful and always neat………… you put in so much passion in your work and I really love that. I’m rooting for you Glory 💞💞

  10. I have know Glory for a long time now,she is so passionate about her business and her hand work is so perfect even with the lack of equipment,I have patronized her 3 times and all orders were perfect.keep up the good work

  11. You are very good at what you do…i am s very satisfied customer. Keep up the good work and i hope you get the right investors.

  12. Dearest Glory, I am happy you have passion for the work you do. I smell love in its entirety for this your your fuelled by your passion.

    Keep Up the good work!!!

  13. You have been quite resilient with your shoe making business. I’m very Positive your drive for the business will bring about innovations. I’m hoping to be one of your customers soon enough.

  14. Keep winning glo of life, I can attest to your great customer service and giving the best. Your story is so inspiring and l really learnt from it.

    We love you 🥰🥰

  15. Am soo happy for you dear,
    May God send all you need to perfect your work in no long time….

    I love your work, the one you did for me was perfect… Keep going higher babygirl

  16. Glow empire collections. I have known you for some time and if I had doubted your capabilites to do a work effectively well, I never doubted you one bit based on your dreams and goals in life. Which made me to give you work most times just for me to make sure you prefect very well in what you do.

    Today I am happy for you for materialising your dream against all odds and I tell you, the sky is your starting point not even your limit. Glow Empress to the world.

    Much Love from Phil ♥️

  17. Hi Glory, greetings 🙏
    I am so excited about you and your new biz!
    Can you share with our team of investors the additional items that you need to boost your biz as well as the listing costs.
    Please itemize your list. Thanks

    • Thank you Williams.
      Here are the list of the things my business need for a boost;

      1) A shop (I work at home for now)
      Owing a Store will go a long way in selling my products out and as well employing extra hands.
      2) A sewing machine (industrial or manual)
      3) A filing machine.
      4) A driller (a machine for making heels)
      I haven’t started making heels because of this.
      5) Different sizes of shoe lasts (the dummy leg for making footwears)
      I have a few.


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