Read this before you start a Brass Band music business

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Ukporo, Edidiong George is from Essene, Ikot Abasi Local Government Area. He is an undergraduate of Akwa Ibom State University (AKSU). He is the Ceo of Sugar Sound Brass Band located along Eket road by the mansion, Ikot Akpaden, Mkpat Enin Lga, Akwa Ibom.

Edidiong ventured into the brass band music business officially on 26th January 2020 for a variety of reasons. According to him, “In line with my passion for good music, being a solution provider, employer of labour and much zeal to get off my parent’s payroll on time. I was motivated by the Dakkada creed of my Governor Deacon Udom Emmanuel. He made me believe that there’s greatness deposited in every Akwa Ibomite. And I said to my self that I have to bring my value to a table of exchange where I can exchange it with money even as I keep growing the business. As I was sure of people having events till christ comes and our brand and band will keep being relevant.


Edidiong says that his Sugar Sound Brass Band has economic potentials through fostering economic growth and diversification, job creation, and improved general welfare of the people involved in and associated with the business in its capacity.

He started the business with a capital of N50,000 and has recorded several high points. In his words, “We’ve been able to educate and engage both students of AKSU and indigenes of the surrounding LGA  to know that what they see as talent is putting food on people’s table who are not as good as they are”. Interestingly, increasing from 13 to 27 players in just a year, playing alongside the big boys of the entertainment industry in events, purchasing some instruments to cut down on renting, are a few milestones that has  framed his high points.

Edidiong lists his low points to include:

“We have a challenge purchasing enough instruments to meet our numbers and especially some big instruments like sousaphone has taken a lot of money from us. We need mobility(bus).We need a physical office instead of operating from home.We don’t have enough funds to go on air for interviews and also advertising”.

Edidiong has not thought of giving up in the face of these challenges because he is keeping hope alive and he is certain that one day his story will inspire a generation, and he sees opportunities even in challenges.


Edidiong says he doesn’t do the work himself but he oversees everything. He states, “I take responsibility, I developed strategies for growth, development and influence.”

He seeks engagements with policymakers and investors to scale his business.

To people who want to venture into the music business, Edidiong advises,

“You have to invest in the area of your passion, else you fail. You need more than a business idea to succeed(you need to do your feasibility studies, you need to work on the characters of your team etc). You need to have your unique value(what will differentiate you from other brands). You need to apply new ways of doing old things to move with the changes happening around you. You need to learn from the people ahead of you. You need God above all”.

Edidiong believes that entrepreneurs help reduce unemployment, poverty, crime rate and outside patronage if they develop themselves to meet the standard.

Let this story inspire you to venture into the brass band music business today.


17 thoughts on “Read this before you start a Brass Band music business”

  1. It is really a great motivation and inspiration to all Akwa Ibom youth to Dakkada and do something amazing to our great state to stand out. We are really thinking outside the box, using the available to do the impossible.

    Kudos Edidiong, more win.
    MacQuine Eshiet, Founder of Hirepipu.

  2. I have seen you making commendable strides in managing young talented trumpeters ,keep on the Good works ,the sky is your limit.

  3. I like your spirit and zeal of forging ahead despite everything. Keep up the good work, the sky will be your starting point

  4. Edidiong, this is highly inspirational and commendable, what you are doing is what I call turning passion to purpose, the good part is you are lifting others too by showing them the right way to make a living. Sugar Brass band will become a household name with your level of resilience and tenacity, keep this up.

    “Blessing Akpan “( ED, Inyene Agro Processing Factory Ltd. )


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