Read this before you venture into the soft drinks business

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There are few things as refreshing as a chilled bottle of soft drink on a hot sunny day. Every day around the world, millions of soft drinks are consumed. If you want to venture into the soft drinks business, then this article is for you.

Blessing Michael Michael is from Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. She is an entrepreneur and runs Alikor Resources ltd, a business focused on the sales of Soft drinks in wholesale and retail. Her business is currently based in Uyo.

Blessing says she ventured into the business owing to the level of unemployment in the land and because of the viability and positive potentials of the business. She started in February 2021.

The economic potential of the food and beverage industry is huge. Millions of bottles of different brands of soft drinks are bought around the world and in Nigeria. Thus, it is a business worth investing in. One can make money and also a living from it.

Blessing informs that her starting capital was N400,000. Her high point in the business has been having high patronage and building a strong web of customer relationship within two weeks of start up. However, being unable to have some products wanted by customers has been the low point.

She admits that the thought of giving up has run through her mind but she braces herself to keep moving on.

Alikor Resources is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission. Blessing does the work with the assistance of her spouse.

She says all those who desire to impact the world’s economy positively are her mentors.

She seeks engagements with policymakers and investors to scale her business in the next six months though proffering of ideas for expansion.

To intending Soft drinks entrepreneurs, Blessing advises, “Don’t get distracted. Remain focused. It is profitable”.

Entrepreneurs make significant impact on the economy through their business activities. Get inspired today and venture into the soft drinks business.

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