Read this if you love fruit juice and want to make money off it

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Fruits are very important to our bodies, they help reduce the risk of chronic diseases and constipation, boosts our immune system, provide nutrients vital for the health and maintenance of the body. Fruits contain water which aids in the digestion of food. The fruit business has gone beyond selling raw fruits to converting them to juice. Nowadays, people prefer freshly compressed fruit juice because it is easier to consume and also keeps the body hydrated. Mitchel makes organic fruit juice, this is his story, read and get motivated.

Mitchel Chukwudi is a graduate of Soil science from the University of Uyo.
He started his business in 2015 with his course mates—Ebenezar Emelogu, Ruth Nyong, and Wali Justice—during his industrial training as a crop science student.

Before the commencement of FRUITZY business, they embarked on different ventures such as frozen chicken preparation and home delivery, packaging garri flakes for students in the University of Uyo. They contributed money to venture into these businesses as they desired to build something great in Nigeria and also make food to be easily accessible to people. Moreover, the profit from these ventures became the startup capital for FRUITZY, a business he envisioned.

After carrying out a feasibility study, Mitchel realized that people were not getting adequate supply of vitamins and minerals from the food they consumed, therefore, he and his team concluded that fresh organic juices will not only taste good but provide the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for growth and vitality.

He started FRUITZY with just ₦5000.

In his quest to run a successful business, although he did not know how to build a kiosk or buy machinery for the business, he met people who facilitated the growth of the business and made it come to the limelight. The first person who encouraged and supported him was his aunt, a staff of UBA, who suggested he prepared some fruit juice for her birthday celebration in the bank. He saw the suggestion as an opportunity to excel and he accepted it wholeheartedly. He swung into action and bought a juicer of ₦5000 which was all they had. He was given ₦6000 as a work fee, he used ₦2000 to purchase fruits and ₦4000, he gave to those who assisted him in the work.

Mitchel was willing to succeed, he believed in the mission of his company. However, After the event, he got lots of positive reviews, one was from the bank manager of that branch, Madam Blessing Ntofon, who commended his effort and stated that the drink was delicious. He was so elated that he used that opportunity to ask if he could produce and deliver fresh juices to the employees at the bank, her positive response brought about success in his business. Afterwards, as the business grew, another volunteer–Mfon Etukeren (CEO of Mfon cuisine and founder AfriTalkz Radio) joined his team.


Presently, according to Mitchel, FRUITZY is the only brand that supplies fresh fruit drinks to 90% of the banks in Uyo. It is also the first fruit juice brand to win several awards in Nigeria, South-South and also recognition in Canada CA. These are their feats so far:

They emerged fourth out of 250 entrepreneurs in the Nigerian Canada Investment Summit in Abuja 2019.
They emerged third out of 230 businesses in the Udo Udoma and Bello Osagie(UUBO) in Lagos, 2019.
Out of 9000 applicants, they were one of the fifties selected to attend Lagos Business School funded by the Development Bank of Nigeria in 2019.

Presently, FRUITZY is the number one natural fruit drink brand in Uyo, having four pickup spots in Uyo and counting.

Mitchel Chukwudi and his team have a tremendous impact on the lives of Akwa Ibom youths. They promise to keep empowering them and making them see how important they are to society.

This is what Mitchel is saying to entrepreneurs: “when you have an idea to work on and it is a product that people eat or drink, take your time to do it well without looking at the money first.” He concludes, “keep doing the right thing and never give up on your dreams”.

Procrastination and doubt can inhibit your success and growth. Learn from Mitchel, let his story inspire you to commence that business you’ve been envisioning.

8 thoughts on “Read this if you love fruit juice and want to make money off it”

  1. I know Mitch personally, and can attest to his drive to always try his hands at something worthwhile, and committing to tenaciously work it to fruition. However, I’m absolutely blown away reading the success of Fruitzy on here. Even though I’ve always known about it, I didn’t know about all of this, and I’m happy for him and his team. His success comes as an inspiration to me now, and I pray for greater heights for all of them. It goes to say, every dream is valid.
    Big ups to them.

    • Yes i know Mitchel personally, he’s resourceful, enterprising and industrious, i love what Fruitzy has become and is becoming.. keep up the good work.


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